Monday, October 04, 2004


This last month before the wedding (31 days! 31 days!) will not be referred to as October at the polenske-martin household. We will be calling it purgatory. Today is day 31. Tommorrow is Purgatory 30th. All winding down until we call it quits on single life and take the plunge. I am referring to this period in this manner because seriously... so much to do, so many ways to feel and the fucking waiting... the anticipation, the procrastination! All of it is bottled up and swelling, swelling, and swelling and soon there will be an explosion that will put these piddly ass steam eruptions to shame.

Mainly it's the anticipation and the worries whether or not everything will go well. I now have my very own wedding omsbudsman like Jenny. Holly's mom Maria (also one of our vocalists) has agreed to help me keep our big ass wedding party corralled and on time, so that's a HUGE relief. Aaron was able to fix our network or rather create it and was also able to figure out the whole slideshow issue and we now have it on dvd and it works! Oh the beauty that is the slideshow working! Of course the music pops a little but they are old tracks I downloaded off of napster and it isn't that bad and really, I have much bigger more problematic fish to fry at this moment.

I am almost done printing out the pictures for the boards that Lori agreed to do, and am getting response card after response card... so far a confirmed 179 attendees for our big day and only 4 declines. Not too shabby. We picked up another case of beer at costco on Saturday and I picked up a shitload A SHITLOAD of gifts for the teenage girls in our party. Things are coming together. I will probably take the programs to be printed this week or next, I am just going to have the inner pages copied at costco, and then we'll figure out a cover on the 16th.

This weekend we didn't do too much, it was awesome. Friday night I went over to Holly's for a little girl night and Aaron and his brother went to the m's game to watch Ichiro break the record:

That's been ALL over the news lately.

Know what else has been all over the news? This:

and this:

I watched a lot of tv this weekend. All this shizzle about the volcano has peaked my curiousity and I totally want to go see the imax film on it down at the science center.

Oh yeah, and I think Molly has a future in the tight rope walking business. I've got a call in to Barnum and Bailey...

This was Saturday morning; she just stood up as Aaron and I were talking and I very quickly and quietly handed him the camera so he could take the picture. She must've stood like that for a good 45 seconds. Notice how beeyootiful I look first thing in the morning.

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