Thursday, October 07, 2004


I somehow miscounted and today is truly Purgatory 30th. Whatever. It's still only 4 weeks and one (ONE) payday away and there is a lot of little nitpicky shit to do. :cleansing breath:

Things that are on my mind...

1. Punch recipes. Let me rephrase that. CHEAP punch recipes. If you have any that you like to use at family parties, holidays whatever, please please email me at I would appreciate it so much. The only one I ever think of is hawaiian punch and 7-up. While that may end up what we use, I just want to see what other people use. (non alcoholic please!)

2. I am still torn about what to play when we are pronounced husband and wife. I think 8 days a week by the beatles is winning, I also like 'Ain't that a kick in the head' by Dean Martin. I love both songs, I do. But since we are having people seated with 60's tunes played, I feel like the beatles would be a better fit (plus the dean martin intro sounds so vegas-y). However, I want big bandish music played for a while after we arrive to reception, and I figured that entering to that dean martin song would be a great choice.

I would love to have something whimsical and funny played as we exit the church, I just don't know what.

3. I swear to GOD, my biggest piece of advice to any new bride is to get a wedding planner if you can afford it and aim small because big weddings are a big PAIN IN THE FUCKING ASS. Especially if you tend to micromanage things, which I do and I'm well aware of, but I'm knee deep in this shit and trying to figure out how to make 2 cents stretch as far as it possibly can.

4. I am more excited to not have to be planning this wedding anymore in 30---well, technically 29 and 1/4 short days than I am to be going on my honeymoon. This shit is hard and I'm sure that many a bride has paid much less attention to detail than I am and their weddings turned out just fine. I am just worried that things will look tacky or cheap or that we didn't spend our money well and it will show, or that people will think my programs are ugly or my dress makes me look fat or that the music will suck and people won't dance or that people will be disappointed in a cold buffet dinner... or that someone will bump into the cake table and ruin it.

SEE WHAT I MEAN? Anxiety much?

ok, Jenny wanted to see:

1. my work space... eh, check back tomorrow. ;-P

2. my closet... we have two closets in our tiny ass apartment, this is the bedroom closet:

and this is the hall closet that holds our winter coats, our board games and the cat box. (Should have cleaned it before I snapped the picture!)

3.and the look I'd give that Kelly person who called me a lowclass teenage whore...

Kay wanted to see the presents stacked in the dining room. We actually have them stacked in our hall way here:

They are in our hallway/livingroom. The stuff in the dining room is all the extra decorations etc for our wedding...

Don't forget the shit stacked on the floor behind the chair!

and more on the table.

I'll try to get the complete family pic tonight and the office pic tomorrow.

If anyone else wants to see pics of anything in particular, leave a note in the guestbook!

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