Wednesday, October 13, 2004


That stupid fucker satchel gave me his cold. I would be enraged, but that takes too much energy. Instead I will bask in the glory that was my healthy summer; I haven't really felt like shit in a long time so at least I had a break right? I went to bed at 8 last night and slept through until almost 7am. I can't breathe out the left side of my face and feel as though 10lb weights have taken residence in my sinuses, and my energy, she is shot. But I'm blasting myself with echinacea, zinc, loaded multivitamins, vitamin b super complex, folic acid and a fiber pill for good measure. So yeah.

I am also incredibly pissy and irritable which is a common cold side effect for me. Poor Aaron. I am incapable of holding it in and snapped at him this morning for daring to make a suggestion about our plans for the afternoon (getting the marriage license, of which I forgot the cash for. ARG.) anyhoo, I plan to be in bed super early again tonight.

I got my nails done on Monday evening and while I am loving feeling feminine again, they are TOO FUCKING LONG and I can't type for shit---the amount of times I have to keep going back and correcting myself in this entry alone are mind boggling. I feel like Edward fucking Scissorhands.

I will also say that Christopher Reeve's passing has affected me in a way I didn't imagine it would. It's just so sad... and I'm disheartened at the thought of that weasely little bastard in the white house winning another term... I know it's not voting day yet but I imagine it looks pretty grim for Mr. Kerry. The odd thing is about the whole stem cell thing, is it's hard when I think about it not to resent my friends and family who are republican who will vote for Bush when they see what stem cell research could do for my dad. I mean that reason alone is enough for me. If Bush supported Stem Cell research and gave adequate funding to it, you bet your ass I'd vote for it. It could save so many people from suffering so many different diseases. These embryos that people are up in arms about, are embryos that are most often destroyed anyway... DESTROYED. I am not saying lets start growing embryos to harvest for stem cell research, but fuck all, why can't we use the ones designated for the trash can for some good?

It's such a frustrating topic to think about... to know that relatives and friends who have seen the struggle up close will still vote for Bush and for fellow republicans who have zero intent on making stem cell research more of a priority. I would have thought Reagan's battle and subsequent death would have opened more doors for it... I would hope that Christopher Reeve's death would also do some good. But if that pig-eyed little disease from Texas is elected again there's only one way he'll EVER consider anything to do with stem-cell research, and that's if his daddy has a stroke or other disease where it could help. But, that'll never happen and it's wrong to wish shit like that on other people. I do however hope both of his daughters turn out to be raging lesbians and fight for the right to marry. Heh.

Anyway, that's enough of that.

A peek inside my purse

The contents of said purse

I have to cut down 300 of these notecards before Saturday. the good news is I'm almost done.

Lickin' his chops

Gee, I think he knows just how cute he is.

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