Tuesday, October 19, 2004


These next 18 days (ok, 17.25 days really) are bound to be supah busy. That said, entries will be sparse, at least this week as I have shit to do...

*Tonight = appt with seamstress
*thurs = last foil appt with my colorist as a single woman
*Fri = take mom to have hair done
*Sat = go see hall with plethora of peeps who have donated much appreciated time and energy into the prospect of decorating it.

*Next week will be my last week at work before the wedding(!) Here's 10 bucks that says that worthless pile of pigshit satchel will not learn how to use the ups system before I go.

*Bobby will be here in 8 days!!!!!!! I am beyond excited about this.

*My best friend from the 7th and 8th grade is coming here for the wedding and will be here on Nov. 3rd... I have the week before the wedding off, and since it's been oh...13 years since we've seen each other I am hoping for some stellar catch up time.

*I have ordered the flowers, and submitted a contract to rent some equipment, now I am waiting to hear if the candleabras at the church can hold taper candles and if Trader Joe's will have ample stock of 2 buck chuck wine in so I can get a few cases.

*I am about to become world's coolest fiance, word has it that the guys can't afford to get Aaron a stripper so I need to call around and see how much they are and if it's 200 buckaroos or less I'll foot the bill. It's his bachelor party for chrissakes.

*I am no longer using the notify list, if anyone is actually surprised by this, I apologize. I just hate sending the extra email out, it's a pain in my ass and thusly, no more.

So entires will be here and there...

last Saturday we had about 16 people over to my mom's to help assemble programs and favors, it was not only fun but damn they worked fast.

We got 300 favors and 320 programs all put together and finished in a bit under 3.5 hrs.

Molly is the queen of the wedding pile.

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