Friday, September 10, 2004


One of Lori's best friends Travis (who also happens to be Ashley's boyfriend) is in great need of prayers, good thoughts and well, more prayers. If you've been reading me for any length of time, you might have noticed his name only this summer. He and Lori were very tight in high school, then lost touch for a bit, and happened to bump into each other on father's day this year. Since then, Travis has become, very simply; part of the family.

Anyway, in the past year or two, (I'll be vague because I'm fuzzy on the details) he has undergone several surgeries and treatments to repair the damage done to his body by Creatine, a supplement he used to aid him in his quest to become a bodybuilder. Basically, after dabbling with it in high school, and after he used it exclusively for a few months he then started noticing troubling symptoms. When he went to the hospital, they sort of had to learn as they went, because there isn't much documentation on this sort of side effect from Creatine.

Travis' muscles basically started hardening into bone. The surgeries have been to go in and clean out the calcified muscles, and restore or perhaps retain movement... he has said numerous times that he was prepared in the beginning to lose his legs. That hasn't happened yet, and God willing won't. You can read more about his journey here.

Travis had what was supposed to be his last surgery at the end of August, he seemed to be doing ok, hell he was at my house on Friday night showing off his scar. (Talk about gnarly, it went from hip to knee on the outside of his right thigh, he would tug on the staples to gross Lori out) But Monday or Tuesday night he ended up being taken by Ambulance back to the hospital. He had acquired an infection and had to undergo surgery immediately. Then word came yesterday that he had to have surgery again, that it looked like a staph infection of some sort had caused him to go into toxic shock and the drs said that the next 72 hours are crucial. He is in ICU, and he is very, very sick. The drs also said to prepare for the worst because if they cannot get the infection under control and it goes to his heart, there is simply nothing that can be done.

My heart breaks for him, for Ash, and for Lori, and hell for myself. Travis is good people, this is a guy who on Friday night sat in my living room and asked if I had a pad and pen that he could borrow. He then called his mom up to get the address and names of the company that transported him from the hospital so he could write a thank you letter, because they were kind and did a good job. Please just say a prayer for him, and if you don't pray, please send good thoughts his way. Every single moment that I am not consumed with something else I catch myself saying "Please God, let Travis be ok... Please." I have muttered this to myself so many times over the past 24 hours that it's almost like a mantra. He's 23, and has a lifetime ahead of him, please just keep him in your thoughts.

Lori and Travis

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