Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I swear I keep thinking today is Thursday. It sucks only because, hello; it's Wednesday. I should be happy because in a normal week this would only be Tuesday. Confused yet?

I just want a nap. A nap and a cookie. Ok, a nap and two or three cookies. At least I'm being honest.

Oh yeah, MY WEDDING DRESS CAME TODAY!!!!!! It looks like everything is there, and it's the right size, and I got the certificate of authentication... so many people were giving me the hairy eyeball when they heard I ordered my dress off the net. From a discount service no less. So far, so good; I haven't tried the dress on or anything, but I'll keep you posted. The bridesmaids dresses should be here on Friday, holy shit this stuff is actually coming together!

Last night we went to Petsmart and picked up a gargantuan bag of food for the ingrates, and some catnip treats and a toy for Acey pie. I got home and he was asleep on the bed, and I held the toy up and basically was talking to him, asking if he wanted his birthday present and he stood up and was meowing back at me. It was really cute, and he loved his little toy; so did Molly as she kept jacking it from him.

Hmm, what else. After Petsmart we went to the Men's Wearhouse and perused their book of rentable tuxes. Turns out there is a wedding show this weekend, and if I go; I can get a code, and use that to get the guys 20 bucks off their rental. I think we'll probably take advantage of that. The lady was telling me if I wanted to; a lot of girls bring in a swatch of their gown so they can match it to the tux... I just sort of nodded blankly. Aaron and I are not that kind of people. The kind of people we are walks in to the tux showroom, opens the book and flips to the cheapest section and debates what style looks the best. Even though his tux will be free, we don't want our friends and family spending tons of money on monkey suits for one day. Not worth it.

I made my favorite dinner last night; chicken in mushroom soup, then added thyme and sourcream to the sauce and poured it over noodles. I could eat my weight in that shit. I didn't though. After dinner we watched some tv, I dozed a bit while he did dishes and marvelled at how tired I was, because I knew; I JUST.KNEW that by the time I laid my head down to sleep for the night I wouldn't be tired. And I wasn't.

Aaron's friend Will cracks me up; he has said some funny ass shit in the past but I think Monday night's willi-ism takes the cake. Usually, he makes us laugh because instead of saying TMI (Too Much Information) he'll say "whooaaa, TIM dude, TIM." And once when we were out at a bar, he almost made Aaron pee his pants when he almost poked his eye out with a pool cue, and made a weird face and ducking motion. In defense of our laughter he said "well, you got a hard stick and soft face, come on now." Well Monday night Aaron and Will sat down to watch Passion of the Christ. I decided not to because I cannot take the violent scenes. At one point I came out and it wasn't violent then and asked "is it bad?" and will said "no not yet". I said "oh have you seen it before?" and he said yes. Then I said "does it get really bad?" and then he gave me the precious gem....

"Yeah..... they do some fucked up shit to Jesus."

Alrighty then. I don't know what exactly it is about the phrase that made me laugh, but I guess maybe you have to know will. I know Aaron thought it was damn funny.

Camera happy as always

I love this picture of me

Asa stares forlornly from behind the bars of the laundry basket... he looks like he's in jail.

It's a hard knock life.

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