Thursday, September 30, 2004


I don't have much of anything to say today. I'm tired. I'm cranky. and, I'm sort of groggy. I stayed up to late watching 'Wife Swap'... good God that husband needed a kick between the knees and I wanted to grab that woman by her long fake hair and shake her for all she's worth. That aside it was ok. Heh, but really... the NYC couple... why BOTHER having kids if you are only going to schedule an hour of time with them a day? What's the fucking point? I liked the country family much more, they had their faults too but they were within reason. The point of this is that I woke up this morning, fell asleep and dreamt I was on wife swap with that NYC jackass and he was pissing me off royally. Yet he liked me and wouldn't leave me alone. Ick.

Since I all but finished the program layout last night and finished our slideshow (with the exception of figuring out how to make it play in the dvd... which I WILL figure out dammit!) I am now all tapped out on wedding motivation. What I SHOULD do tonight is go home, sit my ass down and put all of the pictures for the slide show in a box for Lori. I've delegated the task of the photo boards to her and Ashley. I want to make sure there are plenty of pics and that there are equal amounts so it doesn't turn out weird.

Speaking of the slideshow, since I now have the mad slideshow skillz, and know how to make the music play (I converted the mp3 to a wav and voila!) I kind of want to do one with family pictures and friend pictures to the tune of 'get by with a little help from my friends'... or something like that but I think ONE 8 minute slide show is probably enough don't you? If I ever learn how to load it on the web I'll post it so y'all can see. I'm very proud of it and even started crying a teensy bit when I watched it and imagined it being played at the wedding. 37 days to go nizzles!

Asa that fucker has figured out how to open the bedroom door even when it's locked. He hasn't totally grasped the concept yet, but he's damn close. Our bedroom door knobs are handles that you simply push down and the door opens. You can kind of see it in this picture of our room after we moved in last year (that explains the mess.)

Anyway, he stands on the dresser and pushes down on the handle and then releases. Down and release. Down and release. It's noisy as fuck and once or twice now he's pushed as well and the door has opened. Then I wake up to him furry ass in my face or the screeching of Molly in the window because a neighborhood cat has walked by. *sigh* I think we're going to have to get a hook and eye thingy to keep it shut.

I told you I didn't have much to say, I am ready to just chill out and crochet and watch the stupid debate. (Which by the way dad is on here at 6 not 9).

Molly waits her turn for the box

She is pure eeeeeeevvvvvviiiiiilllll.

Because laying on the momma's purse is much better than laying on the dumb old carpet.

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