Friday, September 17, 2004


Not too much time so I'll be brief. Tommorrow is my bridal shower(!) and it's going to be interesting to see how I do. I'm the 'monica' of parties, usually taking the lead and organizing... I'm excited at the prospect of not being in charge, but wondering how I'll do at sitting back and enjoying myself for a change :-) Lori said she's nervous because it'll be on her shoulders (coupled with two of my aunts as well) but I think she'll do just fine. Plus she already knows most of the people who will be there, so I think it'll be great! Plus! I get presents!!! :-D Seriously, I am stoked. Many, many, MANY pictures I'm sure to come next week.

Also, we are picking out the tuxes tonight, and having dinner with Aaron's family. We will also make the trek to Costco this weekend buy some more beer for the reception (clear out some more space ma; we're comin over!) and hopefully order the wedding cake either this weekend or next week. So much to do! Only 50 days left, can YOU BELIEVE IT???

Lori's boyfriend Seth does THEBEST impersonation of 'Stuart' from Mad Tv... here he is in action

Noooooooooooooo.... (imagine that in a wee tiny girly voice)

Look what I can do..... (again with the voice)

Kelly and dad

Dad and Aunt Ruth

only 50 days to go baby!

Asa plays with his birthday toy

Here he guards it from Molly, apparently Molly didn't get the memo that Asa.doesn't.share.

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