Monday, September 27, 2004


That describes today.

I had an entire entry typed up about what I'm stressing about today, but scrapped it. It sounds like I'm complaining and I'm not, but man... there is so much to do.

How about a weekend recap? Friday afternoon found me at the vet's office with Ben, since the swelling had gone down quite a bit, they were guessing it was probably an abcess, but everything else looked ok. He's lost a half pound since I brought him in in March, so that's a bit disconcerting, what would cause him to lose that much weight? I mean he only weighs like 8lbs... that's a lot to lose! After that mom and I went to Walmart and then I went home and vegged out a bit with Aaron.

I baked snickerdoodles that night for Travis, and let me tell you; I remembered why it is I don't keep cookies and snacky shit like that in the house. I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL. Luckily, I made regular ones for Travis and put them in a container out of sight. For Aaron and I, I had found a recipe using whole wheat flour and less fats; they ended up being worth 1 point for 2 cookies. Not too shabby.

Also, I had been discussing the merits of airbake cookiesheets with a friend over email recently and saw the proof for myself that night. I baked all but one cookie sheet full of cookies on my new airbake sheets (thanks Amy!) and the last batch on my calphalon sheet. See why I will never bake them on the calphalon sheet again, below. (Airbake cookies on the right/calphalon on the left)

The calphalon ones cooked for the same amount of time never spread like the air bake ones and they burnt to a crisp... we happened to win that cookie sheet, but still; calphalon ain't cheap.

Saturday, we went and finalized the details for our cake, then we headed out to the supermall and found Aaron a decent pair of shoes (29 bucks!)and I finally buckled and bought a black knit poncho and I LOVE IT. Then we went to lunch at Applebees and headed home for a nap. Later in the day Lori and Seth picked us up and Lori treated us to the Puyallup fair, where I had THE tastiest cheeseburger and a peanut butter cup ice cream cone that I would consider selling one of my cats for. MMMMmmmm. I also proved how domesticated I am becoming by signing up to have a pampered chef party at my house later on after we're married. Lori thinks I'm getting old.

Sunday, Aaron had to work, so I cleaned the bedroom closet and tried to organize the house a little bit. I cleaned the bathroom as well and we changed the bedding to the new set I got at the bridal shower:

I love it, and don't look at the shit on the floor under the bed, this was BEFORE I cleaned up.

When Aaron got home we watched a bit of the Seahawk game (as they kicked the shit out of the 49ers YEAH!) and then went up to Harborview to visit Travis and bring him the snickerdoodles, poor guy is STILL there. Patience of a saint I tell you. When we went home I made a fabulous crab leg and ranch potatoes dinner while we watched Will and Grace on dvd. After dinner I spent about 45 minutes going through every.single.dvd.we.have. because we cannot find the 'just married' disc, and of course; since we can't find it, it's the only one we want to watch.

Ben's mouth is getting a little better

He's milking it for all it's worth too.

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