Monday, August 23, 2004


I'm bone fucking tired. It rained all weekend... we had fun, but I am sick of feeling soggy. As it is, we packed up wet blankets, two wet tents, wet clothes, muddy tarps... you name it. So on my lunchbreak I hosed down the tarps and hung them over the upstairs railing (of our garage) and set up the tents up there to dry out. Go me! In lieu of a real entry, I think I'll just post some pics and share the details behind them.

We were stuck in traffic for something like 2 hours in a spot where it shouldn't have taken more than about 20 minutes to get through. All because there was a patch of grass on the freeway that had caught fire. Oh how I hate the looky-loo.

Finally! We're here!

Our cool tent; it's attached to the smaller one with a tunnel. Aaron and Kylie and I had the big one and then Ashley and Travis had the smaller one.

Our beds all made up, we were completely set up within the first hour of getting there.

Fifteen minutes after getting there Kylie decided to play in the fire pit. She thought she was in trouble here, Aaron and I thought it was totally funny.

Lori made this cake for Ashley's birthday and brought it down, it was DAYAM good.

The ghetto pail and shovel set. I looked all around, as did lori for sand toys for Kylie, but couldn't find ANY. Heather found them in the first store she went to at Ocean Shores. Until then though, Kylie made do with an empty beer bottle and plastic spoons.

Aaron is relieved to have camp set up

Kylie was upset over something, (I can't remember) and Heather gave her the job of walking her dog Magesty.

Magesty, hanging out. Heather and Sean brought two dogs, Toby and Magesty, and they were the coolest dogs ever. They weren't all up in your face, and weren't into licking you to death or jumping on you... very laid back dogs. So cool.

more pics tommorrow!

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