Thursday, August 26, 2004


I would've posted yesterday, but I ended up needing to leave work early as I had a bladder infection come out of nowhere. The doc said it was a mild case, so I must be a first class pansy wartface because I couldn't sit still it hurt so bad. Luckily I got the forbidden antibiotics and am now feeling much better. Because I couldn't really sit still I didn't do much on the computer when I got home, and insted baked about 10 (mini) loaves of banana bread. Some with nuts, some with chocolate chips. I even substituted splenda for sugar and whole wheat flour for regular flour. If I'd had egg beaters I'd have used those instead of eggs too; but ran out. The kind with nuts is fat free, and I used splenda for that too; so it's sugar free. I'm all about the healthy way these days.

While I'm thinking about it; I have been working these past few evenings very diligently on a recipe blog; and it's finally ready. As if I don't have enough to do in my spare time, I took on this project. ah, well, it went fast. You can find it HERE. I'll link it on the main page and probably in my sidebar too. Be sure to let me know what you think if you try any of them out!

Hmmm... I did brag a little bit yesterday over in the wedding diary. We got our first gift!

I still have a lot of camping pics, so here's more...

Have I mentioned that it rained like a motherfucker? So bad that we made kylie wear a trash bag that I'd poked holes in, and I wore one too? So bad that as I was cooking pancakes for everyone, I could hear the water hitting the griddle and zapping up? So bad that I had Aaron put a screaming Kylie in the car (screaming because the umbrella I made her hang onto wasn't helping with the gale force winds and she DID.NOT.WANT.TO wear that blasted trashbag.) because it was the only place left that wasn't soaking wet. So bad that the legs of my pants were soaked completely through as if I'd been out swimming in the ocean. Yeah. Bad. That's the shelter that Lori's boyfriend Bought when we all gave up and went into Ocean Shores to get out of the rain. The bowling alley was packed, and Aaron had to come back to seattle to work for a few hours; so after running into them at the Ace Hardware store, looking for an easy up; we determined that Kylie and I would go with Seth and Laurie to Aberdeen to the Walmart and see a man about a shelter. This fucker saved us. And oh, what a pain in the ass to put together. Especially when one piece was broken already. But it worked!

This is the shelter that Lori bought so we could cook without getting soaked. I bought that tarp and another HUGE one to go around the other shelter. Both of those shelters saved us and allowed us to all cram in and hang out. It was pretty fun.

Aaron and I conserving space. Only a few of us had to double up; it would have been fine, except two of our chairs were completely soaked.

Point a camera at her, and this is what you get. ;-P

Kelly, Matt and Kylie try to stay dry

My sister is a class act, no?

Heather and Sean huddle close for warmth

Travis made a friend this weekend... he kept having her call him Rick James. I took her to the potty at one point and she said "Rick is funny!" I said "Rick who?" She just looked at me confused until I realized and said "yep, he sure is."

See? They were buds. She literally had not been in his lap for more than a minute or two before passing out.

Insert obvious joke about Travis eating weiners here. Heh.

Oh yeah, and I sent the announcement off today, Picture B won! Thanks for voting!

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