Tuesday, July 06, 2004


I love short work weeks. I love that the weekend felt nice and long, and I don't feel like I just left work and have to go back again.

We had a great fourth, for a look at the festivities go here. We spent a lovely evening with some friends at a beautiful location. Couldn't have been better. Ok, maybe a little better. Holly's idiot cousin definitely put a damper on things. I had an entire entry typed out about this, but deleted it because frankly, it's not, and he's not worth that amount of space on my site. Let's just say that I do NOT fucking appreciate being addressed as 'bitch'. Nor does Aaron appreciate being addressed as 'bitch' or 'dick' ... no matter how light and fun you might think it is. Ok? And you know, I'm just not going to hang around someone who thinks that it's socially acceptable, because it's not.

I almost laughed out loud when we left and he said "See you guys at your wedding!" Never mind the fact that his entire family is on the guest list. Never mind the fact that his girlfriend is on the guest list. He is absolutely, unequivocally NOT. I will not have some asshole pissing me off on my wedding day, just to be polite.

I might also add that I have already put my foot down on inviting one of my aunt's and uncle. She's a skank, my cousin is not to be trusted around kids, and my uncle is a package deal with them I guess. I told my mom if they show up they will be told to leave. They weren't invited to another family wedding and somehow found out about it and showed up anyway. Not happening this time.

Let's see, we had a good weekend overall. I seem to have thrown my hip out or something... we went and played Tennis yesterday for a while. That shit is hard. I had no idea... it was probably the first time I ever played. I spent 95% of the time running after the ball. It was fun, but my left leg is killing me, right where the leg meets the body... I'm limping and all. FUN!

Oh yeah, we also had Lori take some engagement shots, you can find them here.

This pic is my absolute favorite from the weekend. That's Lori and Chandra watching the finale of fireworks at the Des Moines Marina... we could see several different shows from Sue and Don's house on the water. Beautiful. (Also should note that Aaron took this one.)

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