Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Before I forget, there's a new entry up in the wedding diary.

Yeah, I'm sore. Sooooooo sore. So sore that I have to will myself to get up from a seated position. Getting out of bed this morning was no picnic, and getting out of the car was a freakin' nightmare. I'm fine when I'm up and walking and moving, but if I sit for longer than oh, 10 seconds I'm in trouble again. That damn workout tape will be the death of me someday.

Did you watch 'Trading Spouses' last night? I can't believe I'm admitting that I did, but damn, I love me some bad reality tv. You can bet your sweet bippy I'll be tuning in to Amish in the city. But back to the mom swap dealie, I wanted to slap that Tammy person so HARD. (The blonde lady)... I thought it was awesome that Mela (mee-la not AMELIA... gah, Tammy kept referring to her as Amelia and it was driving me NUTS.) gave the money to nana. I mean really, like Aaron kept saying "Dude, what the hell do they need 50 grand for anyway?" I thought it was cool that Tammy also divvied up the money in an acceptable way for her host family. I'd hate to see anyone get screwed who needed the money.

Aaron asked me if I'd ever do something like that, and the answer is HELL NO. Not for 50 grand, I don't care if it is only one week... I do NOT want to make nice and walk on eggshells around a family that I don't know from Adam. No way. However, if he wanted to do something like that and we got a new man of the house ... I might be talked into it, as long as the house was big enough so we weren't stepping on each others toes all the damn time.

Anyhoo, how bout some pics...

This is a shot of The Waterland Festival from the street up above, Aaron gets the credit for this photo.

That's Seth on the left, Lori and Travis. This was after Waterland, at our favorite Karaoke bar.

One of the photos I would have taken if I had remembered the CF card when we went to the game, instead Lori took this when she went on Sunday.

Lori and Seth at the M's game, I love this picture of them. You can't really tell here, but Seth is something like a foot and 2 inches taller than Lori.

Ashley and Lori on their way to the M's game

I might get my ass kicked for this, but since I doubt she ever reads this anyway, here's a lovely picture of Ashley. heh.

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