Monday, July 26, 2004


Before I forget, for Miranda in the guestbook, it's pronounced Ace-a... like Asa Bucannon on One Life to Live... he's not named for that dude or anything, but that's the only Asa I can think of. And also thanks to Bonkrood for pointing out that the links in the side bar were pointing to the .com address, I changed them and everything should be working now.

Man.  I had the hardest time waking up today.  I got up, stumbled out to the kitchen, and made coffee (I haven't had coffee in a week or more... it's just been too hot) and then sat in the living room in a daze for about 25 minutes.  I was completely out of it.  Last night we got to bed way too late... partly because after the cleaning mission I was on on Saturday, I was taken out and rewarded with Azteca for dinner, and then we went down to the Waterland festival on the Des Moines Marina.  I go every year, and every single year I see someone I know.  This year I saw someone I knew from afar, I didn't feel like going up and talking to her.  I used to work with her and she was a bit of an asshole, though never directly to me, just sort of abused her power as my lead.  Bitch.  Anyway, we had a grand ol time down there.  It was Aaron and I, Lori and Seth and Ashley and Travis. 

We talked Lori into going on the gravitron (you know that spaceship looking thing that spins so hard that you leave the floor?)  Lori was freaking out, as she doesn't enjoy the spinning rides so much.  I kept telling her what a breeze it is and how I would ride that sucker 100 times in a row before I'd ever set foot on the teacups again etc.  We finally get her in there and it starts to spin and um... I forgot how intense it can be.  I also forgot that the 'seats' (read: metal slider with a cushion on it that you lean against) slide up and down at will, for some reason I thought you could control it.  Anyway, my feet start to leave the floor and everyone elses seats go sliding up.  I wasn't feeling so good, so when Aaron grabbed my hand and tried to slide me up I slapped him away, heh.  Ain't I a peach?  Soon though my seat decided it was time and I went sliding up at mock 10, and slammed the top of my head (right in the fucking middle) into Aaron's elbow.  Yeah.  He felt so bad.  When the spinning stopped and I stumbled out of the fucking ride, I had a headache AND I was semi-nauseous.  Awesome.  It was ok though, it wore off pretty quickly. 

I found a booth selling the same line of jewelery I had eyed at the wedding show earlier this year.  They had  a necklace similar to the one I fell in love with before, for 20 bucks cheaper so I bought it.  I don't have a pic yet, but it's really pretty.  After Waterland we went up to the Karaoke bar we love and had a beer.  Then Lori, Seth and Travis came over and hung out till 3 in the morning.  (that line from Gin n' Juice just popped in my head ... 'we got bitches in the living room gettin it on and they ain't leavin' till 6 in the mornin'.)... anyhoo, we had a good time visiting with them and just hanging out, then Aaron and I crashed and when he went to work Sunday morning I ran some errands.  When I got home we hung out for a bit until Matt and Kelly and Kylie came over.

I decided to host a dinner party and invited Lori, Seth, Ashley and Travis too.  I made fried chicken, creamy pesto pasta, cut up watermelon and had a green salad as well.  We had a great time sitting around and chit chatting.  I love entertaining!  After everyone left we cleaned up the apartment and watched a movie.  *sigh* what a great weekend.  If not too short anyway.

You know, I don't even really like fried chicken, but ever since I made it, it's all I want to eat.  All I did was flower up the chicken and add a bit of salt and pepper, browned it in oil and then baked it... it's probably still pretty fatty though huh?  I'm craving it like you wouldn't fucking believe.

This is the only pic I got of Cassie in the parade... I know, I suck.

I got this pic of Cori (she's the one on the right)... you can't see it here very well, but her cheeks were so red, it was so freakin' hot that day, I cannot imagine having to march and dance and play an instrument.  I believe we broke a record for the heat here.

I love floats.  I have always wanted to help make one and then ride on one in a parade. 

a shot of the full marching band coming our way

This is my favorite drill team of all, they are the Chinese Girls Drill Team.  I love their costumes and the performances they give.

on the way home from the parade we passed a couple of kids with a folding table and a sign that said 'ICE COLD LEMONADE 25 CENTS'.  Being that it was like 110 degrees (slight exaggeration) we stopped, paid 2 bucks and got 2 cups, we let them keep the change because we are all about supporting the young entrepreneuer (sp?).  Lori and I did koolaid stands every summer, and if we made more than 5 bucks we were thrilled.

Lori enjoying the lemonade.

You can't tell, but I'm sweating like a hog in heat right here.  Incidentally, bad idea to wear a skirt in that heat.  BAAAAAD.

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