Thursday, July 22, 2004


Ben would like you to know that it's fucking hot here today. Granted, it's still under 90 degrees but it's also humid as hell and hey... it NEVER gets very hot here mmkay?

We have tickets tonight to go the M's game vs. Anaheim. This is sadly very exciting for Aaron and I. Not only have I not been to a game for enjoyment in years... YEARS people! Like since 99 I think, but we've never gone to a game together. Awwww. I of course worked there for two years after my day job, and as much as it sucked, I also had fun. So I'm just really amped to go in general. We also have stellar seats (15 rows up from the field peeps) right at 3rd base, courtesy of a coworker of mine. He is in Mexico for the rest of the week and will be on vacay through next week and gave us the tickets. Thanks man!

The wedding nightmares have started... Aaron was played by Ben stiller last night and the dream pretty much consisted of me searching for my wedding gown in a very cluttered shop that had lost mine. I even had a flashlight and was looking everywhere, getting VERY upset.

We went down to Aaron's brother's place last night, it was in honor of his birthday. I leave you with some peectures.

Aaron, Dan and Brandi--who by the way is doing so much better. Since her surgery to put plates and pins and stuff into her hips and what not, she said she feels a lot better. She's on crutches, but can move around without them if necessary. Yay!

Dan and his daughter Britney stare in awe at the cake.

Aaron doesn't like traffic. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Heh, Asa gags on the shoelace I was taunting him with

Now if I could just get her to dance in this position the money would roll in...

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