Friday, July 02, 2004


Most of this entry is going to seem sort of random, but I've been composing this entry in my head since last night... let's hope I don't leave anything out.

First off, I had no idea they were remaking Before Sunrise, (I saw the trailer last night, it's called 'Before Sunset'.) And back when I originally saw Before Sunrise, I would have loved the idea of it. Now ... eh. Julie Delpy bugs the shit out of me ... I don't know why. And Ethan Hawke is a greasy sullen rat faced cheater, and I will never ever EVER spend 10 bucks to see him in another movie. That said, I'll wait till it's on netflix. Seriously though, the guy needs to wash his hair. LATHER, RINSE, AND REPEAT ... he is the ew factor big time.

I was watching the Today show again, and had to call Aaron in (the bastahd has the day off today... NOT FAIR! ) because Natalie Morales' eyebrows were awful. He said he couldn't help but stare after I pointed it out. I did some scouring, but couldn't find any pics on the net, though I did find a message board discussion on whether or not she is bulimic. Hmmm.

Speaking of food issues, I was watching a show on MTV last night, True Life I think, it was about people who are getting weight loss surgery. I might mention, that while I've lost a lot of weight, and have never necessarily been in a position where my weight has affected my ability to take care of myself or where surgery was a choice for me, I can so identify with these people. In fact, I started getting all emotional about it and woke Aaron up so he could turn the tv off. Heh, HEY! HE WAS HAPPY TO DO IT! There was one lady whose husband basically had to take care of her, sponge baths and the like. She had a hard time walking anywhere and she was so depressed and down... it was hard to watch. I don't know why but that show struck a chord in me...

I don't really know what my point is here, but let me just say this. If you are reading this and you have not spent the better part of your life analyzing every bite of food that goes into your mouth, if you've never heard the word 'fat' and automatically assumed it was in reference to you, if you've never looked at yourself in the mirror and hated your reflection so much that you could actually almost envy people who are able to starve themselves... then I envy you. I know for myself, my weight, my food intake... it's on my mind 24 hours a day. And really, I'm not even that extreme of a case.

On a lighter note, let's discuss weekend plans. Tonight I'm headed to Holly's for a girls night, looking forward to that. Not sure what is going on for tommorrow, though we were kicking around the idea of going up to Broadway to walk around and see what's up. We were considering the idea of a road trip, but that really doesn't mesh well with trying to save money. Sunday we are headed over to some friends of friends (who we are getting to know), they live on the water and we'll be able to see a few different fireworks shows from their place. Monday I expect to get some grocery shopping done. That's about all we have planned thus far.

No pics again, because really. I suck. I haven't been taking any, I'll take a bunch this weekend though. I promise. Check the wedding diary though for some wedding pics... not actual wedding pics, just pics of stuff for the wedding.

Have a great fourth!

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