Saturday, July 24, 2004


The thermostat in our living room is reading over 90 degrees. Just thought you should know that.

Despite the heat I have been an uber busy bee today. Woke up damn early (7:30 am) and did two loads of laundry, as well as shave asa. Then we got ready and picked Lori up and went to the west Seattle Hi-Yu parade to see cass and cori in the marching band. (we had PERFECT spots, they stopped right in front of us and did their dance routine, it was really neat.) After that, we went to costco and got lunch (caesar salad) and then took Lori home. Aaron and I went in the pool after I got back, despite the forty bajillion kids who were NOT ABIDING BY THE RULES. Hello, it says no jumping. and um, HELLO where are the fucking parents? I am so going to call management about this on monday. Yeah yeah, I'm also going to complain that the pool was locked up by 8:00pm last night when it was still like 80 degrees.

Anyhoo, when Aaron left for work I set about and accomplished the following:
cleaned the litter box
wrapped the muffins from costco and put them in the freezer
reorganized the freezer
put away both cases of water in the fridge and cupboards
took 4 loads of trash out
took old dining room chairs out to the dumpster
took apart old dining room table
put together new dining room table
rearranged new chairs around dining room table
moved the 200lb tool box into the bedroom (where the dresser was)
put the blue shelf from the hallway in the bathroom
stocked the blue shelf with towels and toilet paper
moved red dresser to hallway
made the bed
folded two loads of laundry
did two more loads (that are still in the washer/dryer)
cleaned the kitchen
cleaned the fish bowl
cleaned the living room
vacuumed all the rooms
put some glue on the screws in the front door that keep coming loose and rescrewed them in
put old dining room table in my car
swept kitchen and bathroom
bleached bathroom counter and basin
cleaned bathroom toilet

and then I took a big fat cold shower. ahhh, I hope aaron's suprised when he gets home!

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