Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Glad to be back, I was only offline a couple of days; but once you figure out it's your fault and it's going to either cost an arm and a leg or be a month before you get your old domain name back... you start sweating it.  At least I do.  I enjoy having this website, and I enjoy writing here... I would miss it too much, even for just a month.  That's why I became and org and left my com roots behind.  I'll probably purchase the .com addy when it becomes available next month and point it here; but I think this is the place we'll stay from now on.
So, not too much has been happening, we spent the weekend kind of low key; I was getting over a cold ... actually, the cold started on Friday and I seem to be nearing the end of it now. I've been blasting myself with vitamin c and chicken noodle soup.  This week is turning out to be a busy one, I am going to head to the gym tonight... am a little apprehensive but hey if I start coughing or don't feel well, all I have to do is leave anyway.  Tomorrow we are heading down to Aaron's brother's place for his birthday.  They live about an hour away from us.  Thursday we scored tickets to the M's game vs. Anaheim.  Friday I hope to meet with our photog for the wedding.  Though we will see.  I hate busy weeks.  This means that in order to get to the gym tomorrow and thursday, I HAVE to go in the morning.  Ick.  
Anyhoo. It's be fucking hot around here lately.  We went to the bite of Seattle on Sunday, and it was so hot the people who were cooking the food in the tents had sweaty hair all clinging to their faces and necks.  ICKY.  But the garlic fries were damn good.  DAMN GOOD.  I ran into one of my closest friends Heather there.  Which is odd, because she lives all the way up north/east in Monroe.  That's a ways away, so she was the last person I expected to run into.  We had a nice time chatting and then Aaron and I and his friend Wili walked around a bit more.  It was almost too hot to do anything though, the nights have been awful and the humidity is also what's killing us.  The cats haven't done much except lay around and wait for a breeze.  Proof?

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