Friday, July 23, 2004

Well, the m's game was simply fantabulous not that I can show you, because though I made sure the battery was charged and the camera was packed... I forgot the fucking cf card.  ARG!  The seats were so freakin' awesome.  We were so close, it was a beeyootiful night, and I even seen a few former coworkers at the ol' garlic fry stand.  And whoo boy were they delish.  Of course I asked for extra garlic, I am trying to kick this cold for good... it's actually not that bad, I'm just trying to stay one step ahead of the game here.   They were so yummy I can still taste them.  Every time I exhale actually. ;-)

No humongous plans for the weekend... tonight we meet the photog for the wedding, will sign all the necessary papers and hand over a big ol' check, we'll also probably do some laundry and get the new to us dining room table out of storage to put up in our place.

Tommorrow we'll get up bright and early and go see Cassie and Cori in the parade in West Seattle.  After that we'll probably head to costco for lunch and to stock up on necessities (we may even pick out and pay for the wedding invites, but we also may not.)  After that we don't have anything really planned, we'll actually probably run down to the UW Hosp to visit a good friend of mine who is having gastric bypass surgery today.  Then Aaron has to work for a bit, so I'll take that opportunity to go to the gym.  After he gets home we may head down to the Waterland Festival.

Sunday he's gotta work in the morning, so I'll probably hit the gym, then we'll probably visit Jen in the hospital again, and Matt and Kelly are coming over for dinner.  Hey, I guess we ARE busy!

Incidentally, any ideas what I could cook for dinner considering it's going to be relatively hot out, we don't own a barbecue/grill, and I need to keep in mind we'll be feeding a 3 year old as well as a 32 year old (who shall remain nameless) who refuses to ingest vegetables in any form?  I was thinking spaghetti at first, but that's a dish that will make the house sweat, so I'm thinking something along the lines of french fries /a cold salad and some sort of a meat dish... perhaps fried chicken?  I've never fried chicken before though... *sigh* HELP!

Friday Fiver
1. Do you follow current events? Why/Why not?

Yes, I watch the news semi regularly and am religious about checking my news sites at least once a day.  I follow them because they interest me.  I don't think people that don't follow them are living under a rock or anything, but news and pop culture is my thang, so that's why.

2. Where do you get most of your news from?

Well, I watch the Today Show every morning, I actually listen to most of it as I'm getting ready in the bathroom.  I also tend to watch a bit of msnbc and cnn every night, as I'm flipping channels.  I also listen to the news reports that come on periodically through the day.  You know I check in with MSNBC , CNN , and the local news KOMO every day.

3. Do you believe that the media is biased? Why or why not?

Yeah, I think it is biased.  I think the local news is pretty much bullshit.  I get tired of the health warnings and blah blah eggs are bad for you again freakin blah.  I rely on them for more stuff like human interest stories, weather and traffic.  Also community events like fairs and parades etc.  As far as the big media, you're damn right they're biased.  Some days I wonder exactly who they are biased for, but for the most part it's all generic, and you know 'whoever gets the big story first' wins.  I hate that the gov't uses the media as a tool to scare people... I am sick and fucking tired about hearing the details of the 9/11 commission report because you know what... it doesn't fucking matter.  People are dead.  People are injured.  People have lost a lot.  Yeah we want to blame someone, but you know... it isn't much more than a witch hunt.  Even if someone was responsible, nothing will ever happen.  This morning Condoleeza Rice said on the Today show 'We are a safer nation that is not yet safe.'  What.the.fuck.  No shit sherlock?  I did sort of love Matt Lauer when he kept asking about Iran, pointing out that we do in fact have knowledge of their nuclear weapons and now have evidence proving that they allowed al quaeda (sp?) safe passage through their country... and he kept asking if they weren't a better target for use of our military resources since we have no such evidence for Iraq.  Of course she never answered directly, but damn.  I loved him for even asking.

4. Will you be voting this year?

yes... not that it will matter.

5. Describe one political issue that really pushes your button.

You name it.  Gay marriage, FREE FUCKING SPEECH, The number of sham reasons we went to war with Iraq in the first place... pick one, they all piss me off.

Molly always sits like this with her arms straight out in front of her... weirdo.

Asa again with the gagging

Ben doing what he does best... looking pathetically overheated and unloved.

Asa and ben were all curled up in the breezy window when Aaron snuck up on them to get this pic.

Have a great weekend!

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