Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Seriously, I am NOT speaking to Ben, Asa OR Molly.  The fuckers are smart, this I know.  They know how to work the door handle to get in the bedroom.   They know to push and push and push even if the momma has crammed 6 feet of shit under the door to make it harder for them.  Just one more push, and they know they'll get inside.  They also know that this enrages the momma, especially at 2 in the morning, so when the momma gets out of bed... even if she's using her nice voice it's probably wise to hide under the bed so she won't throw your raggedy ass out. 

Yeah.  3 fucking times last night they broke into our room.  THREE TIMES!  I am seriously debating getting a little hook and eye lock thingy.  There were a few things working against us of course.  The first being that right now we have a houseguest.  Said houseguest needs to have access to the restroom, because... well if he didn't have access that would just be plain mean.  The houseguest also had the fan on, which is fine, but in our weirdly shaped apartment, creates a vacuum that works against keeping our bedroom door shut.  

One might ask why we don't just let them come in the bedroom at night.  I think I mentioned it before, but there is a stray who comes by our bedroom window (which is at ground level since we're the bottom floor) and the cats get into a fight through the screen.  Getting woken up by hissing and yowling and the sound of the place coming down around your ears at 3 am is not fun.  Of course neither is shooing the beasts out 80 times a night either.  *sigh* I'm tired.

Tonight, after work we are heading down to Olympia for Aaron's brother's birthday.  (Can you say that 10 times fast?)

My friend Sarah in New York, (whom I haven't seen since I was 14 ... gawd, 14.) anyway, she didn't know I had tattoos, so I thought I'd post the pics so she could see them.  (Hi Sarah!) Anyway, this is on my lower back, and there used to be a lot of yellow in the center, hard to say if there still is, as I took this myself... maybe it's the lighting.

This is the cross on the back of my neck.  Sadly, I will admit that I stole the idea from a magazine article about Melissa Joan Hart.  She has the same one, I actually despise her... but loved the tattoo.  So I cut out the article and took it with me to the tattoo shop.    I'd love to get a third, but until I have my heart set on something, I think I'll wait.

Asa hates being held, and this is his way of flaring the ol' nostrils in contempt.

Molly also hates to be hold, but rather than be silent and still she is actually kind of menacing and mean.  The growls are scawy.

Ben is my angel.  My little angel toe sniffer.

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