Sunday, July 04, 2004


Just a quick note about this flick; saw it today and left the theater literally feeling sort of sick. There are a few graphic scenes but what got me was the grief of a woman who lost her son in Iraq. Michael Moore makes some extremely valid points and really shows a lot of stuff you wouldn't know without this movie. Obviously it's biased, and you know, if you hate Bush there is no doubt you will hate him even more when you leave the theater after seeing this movie. That's a no brainer. But it is an eye opener and I wish everyone EVERYONE would see it.

Then go and vote, because getting fired up doesn't mean shit unless you are actually using it for a purpose. VOTE. Even if you are a Bush supporter, get your ass out there and vote.

And lastly, ... it's more than just hating Bush. It's more than even hating republicans. It's hating what he stands for, hating the network of liars and cheaters that he is involved with, that is ultimately running this country. It's disgusting. I can't even fathom sane people thinking this man is good for our country.

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