Thursday, July 29, 2004

this is my 500th post!!!! YAY!

and uh, I inquired to see how much it would be for a wedding planner to basically help out with the reception only... basically keep us on schedule and be in charge of the music. That's all... nothing else, no vendor contacts, no reception business...NOTHING. The price she gave me? $1,000. A grand. Can you believe that? For like 2 hours work? I told her that I thought that was outrageous, that I understand one has to make a living but 500 bucks an hour was absolutely, unequivocally OUT of my budget and that this was a wedding, not a coronation. Um... perhaps I'm in the wrong business. Am I being unreasonable here? All I want is someone who's going to make sure they play the right cd at the right time!


In the interest of honesty, I thought I'd mention that I've had an apple, two peaches, a few bites of watermelon, and a plum today (fruit wise)... with a big ass green salad slated for dinner I would say this spells trouble for my tummy. Ah well, fuck it. The peaches were so ripe and mushy... PERFECT.

Not too much to report today, didn't get to bed on time (what else is new), so I'm feeling a step behind everyone else today. I did tune in to watch the fantastic disaster known as 'Amish in The City'. To sum it up... it was pretty much what I figured it would be. This doesn't mean I was disappointed, but let's just say I wasn't expecting much. However, I'm sure I'll tune in again. I do enjoy a good trainwreck. I don't remember most of the names, but that fucker from Boston deserves a mighty kick to the crotch. What a fucking tool. Oh and the vegan chick too.

You know, there was once upon a time, that I was a vegetarian... but I never once scolded people or tried to make them feel bad for eating meat. I just didn't eat it because I don't like a lot of it. Big Fucking Deal. Freaky chick thinks that cows are from outer space... I kind of wanted to hit something every time she spoke. Anyway, so yeah. That's how I spent last night. That and Aaron and I decided that this weekend is 'ALL WEDDING ALL THE TIME'. We have big plans... picking out tuxes, purchasing invitations, buying a lot of frilly shit, registering for silver and china... pricing beer, hell we may even make it to the church to pay it off before Sunday Service if we're lucky. Big plans.

Kelly and Kylie over for dinner last Sunday.

Kylie was entertaining us here by being a tiger I think, she was growling and clawing at the air. Obviously, I was entertained.

Lori and Kylie hamming it up

Sweaty Aaron and Sweaty Allison at the Waterland Festival.

Sweaty Lori and Sweaty Allison at our favorite karaoke bar, trying not to look so sweaty.

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