Friday, July 09, 2004


I feel weird today. I have the 2nd headache of the day and I'm so hungry I could eat a damn horse. I hate that.

The doc put me on some new medicine, and one of the side affects is drowsiness. He has me taking them at night though, so he said I'd probably just feel a bit more groggy than usual. Um... I was so out of it yesterday morning I didn't go to the gym, as there was no way I could drive there let alone get on a treadmill and walk. I went back to bed, woke up 2 hours later and still felt like I was in a fog so thick I couldn't see past my nose. No joke, I stood in the shower and was reading the back of a shampoo bottle and for the longest time I couldn't figure out why it made no sense. Uh yeah, I was reading THE SPANISH PART. I am not shitting you at all, I was that out of it.

Last night I took the pill at dinner instead of bedtime, and because we eat early (we were done by 6:30... and that's actually late) I was passed out before 9:30. I think my wild nights are numbered on this pill. I can't remember the name of it... mom asked me today if they made me moody but the truth is I'm always bitchy, so I didn't notice anything new. It's an anti-depressant that can also be used to help with pain... it's in the well-butrin family, but I cannot remember the name. (maybe it makes me redundant too, hell I don't know.)

We are going to the swap meet tomorrow to sell a bunch of shit, and when I went there today to sign up and pay for a stall I found out not only to we have to be there by 7 (7!) we have to file a tax record for all the tax we charge our 'customers'. Um... what's the tax on some beat up towels with stains I can't identify? Just kidding (not) I wouldn't sell used stained towels (yes I would).

I think the excedrin has kicked in... I'll leave you with several random pictures as I don't think I've uploaded them yet and they are in the file waiting to be uploaded... like I said: REDUNDANT.

oh yeah, and I updated the Links Page. I am 99% sure everyone I read is on that list... but I could have left off one or two.

oops I lied, I don't have any pics waiting... I'll have to post some later!

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