Thursday, July 01, 2004


Due to a gross and disgusting moment yesterday, I had no coffee. I think I saw a tiny tiny worm floating in my coffee... not sure if it was a worm, but when I poked it with my spoon it sunk and that was pretty much all she wrote. I threw out the milk and the coffee and declared it a coffee free day. Today, I switched to powdered creamer. The rush is back. I love it.

As you know, I watch the Today Show every morning, I actually listen to it more than watch, as I can't see the TV from the bathroom, but usually will sit and watch the morning's headlines from the newsdesk. Natalie Morales has been filling in for Anne Curry for a few days and usually I just notice how freaking tiny she is. Seriously, TINY. Too skinny. Today though, I could not stop staring as her right eyebrow was considerably darker than her left eyebrow. I'm serious, it was damn distracting. The right one looked as though it was applied with a magic marker. Which of course brings back the memory of Gwyneth Paltrow's hideous eyebrows in 'Bounce'. She was a brunette in that movie, and apparently had pissed off the makeup gal, because in damn near every scene it was completely obvious that she had darkened eyebrows. Badly darkened eyebrows.

Back on topic, every morning on Today, they check in with Richard Engel 'live from Baghdad'. And every day I sort of laugh because it reminds me of that old tv show (I had the pc game) 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?'. And this guy's delivery of the news kills me too, very Ron Burgundy . Also, very distracting. While I'm on the subject of freaky news anchors, Lester Holt bugs the crap out of me. He needs to lay off the botox in the upper lip, that thing doesn't move at all. AT ALL!

Also, thanks to all who voted in the hall poll. I'll let you know what we decide when we decide it. Exciting, I know.

Oh yeah, and the wedding diary has two new pics of me in the wedding gown, I was able to retrieve them from ashley's camera, and they show the detail a bit more. Yay!

Sweaty kitties

Seriously need to get ben a fucking toothbrush.

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