Monday, July 12, 2004


*yawn* I have nothing of substance to report... I was in bed and ASLEEP by 9:30 on Friday night. That never happens. The meds the docs have me on just totally screw with my system though. It was all good though, because we had to get up at the butt crack of dawn for the swap meet. I was in a hell of a mood... hungry, tired, zoned out, bitchy ... you name it. Aaron made 3 stops in an attempt to please me by getting me the chocolate covered donettes.

Those are the hostess mini donuts, covered in that chocolate sludge stuff... a staple of the Polenske family for breakfasts on the run. Seriously, my sister will vouch for me in the guestbook on how important these are. We had also ran out of q-tips that morning and walking around with a teaspoon of water in each earhole was not my idea of fun.

We got to the Swap Meet and promptly made $120 bucks before the first hour... yes it was to other vendors, and yes we probably undersold a lot of stuff. Fuck it, we wanted to make a buck and make it quick. We ended up shutting down around noon, and rather than pack everything up, we made a few 'free' signs and went to get lunch. 95% of everything left had been snagged. SWEET!

After we left, we went home and took a nap, then got up and ready for dinner with Wili and Elizabeth. That was fun, it was at Azteca so I was happy as all get out. Although, since it was the first time I met Elizabeth I held back and didn't just go ahead and salt the communal basket of chips as soon as they were set down. I wanted to though.

After dinner we stopped by Lisa and Dwayne's and had a nice little visit, and damn is Evan growing up fast. Man. I rented 'In America' and 'The Company'. I love, love, LOVED In America... the little girl who plays Ariel is so damn cute. She seemed really familiar for most of the movie, and then it dawned on me that she reminds me of matt's sister Amy. Although Amy doesn't have an Irish accent, this little girl somehow reminded me of her.

Sunday was spent at Kent Cornicopia Days, a local fair and parade. I burned to a crisp, thankyouverymuch. Though just in the v-neck portion of my chest, and a bit on my arm. I now have a very prominent red pie shape on my chest. Sweet. We got to see Cassie and Cori get ready for their parade performance, and then watched them march for a bit. I also ran into a friend from high school who recently got engaged and introductions were made between the fiance's. We then stood and chit-chatted wedding stuff for approximately 45 minutes... ok, maybe less but damn if I didn't have a lot to say. (Who knew?)

After the parade we hopped in the car and went to costco and albertsons and then home to chill the fuck out and gawk at Tori Spelling in the new People Magazine... for the record, not only did I hate her veil, but the hair has to go too.

Also... does anyone give a shit if I get rid of the notify list? I forget to let y'all know half the time, and the other half it's not working right anyway... let me know what you think.

Otherwise known as 'how we spent our Saturday.'

Aaron sitting amidst the sea of crap.

another words "please give us money. LOTS of it."

And this is for my mom. The next time I say I would like another tattoo (I have two thus far, one on my lower back and one on the back of my neck, almost up under the hairline) refer back to this picture of a girl who obviously likes the ink, and thank your lucky stars I do not wish to be a walking comic book. mmmkay?

pics of cass and cor and the band tommorra!

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