Wednesday, June 02, 2004


One thing our neighboring city of Tacoma is known for is the stench... ok, as the corny locals call it 'the aroma of tacoma'... from the paper mills. I don't know how to describe the smell, and actually, I haven't really even noticed it since we've made the daily trek to visit Brandi in the hospital. The other thing Tacoma is known for is the smog, and I would say it has a pretty bad reputation in general for crime and icky areas. At least in my family it does, but I think that's the general perception. What I never realized is that Tacoma has some really awesome scenery... beautiful old buildings, and a lot of the crummier areas I think are being cleaned up slowly but surely.

Here's squinty driving us to the hospital on Saturday.

Here's squinty trying not to look so squinty

I'm not squinty because I remembered my sunglasses.

You know you're in Tacoma when you see the Tacoma Dome. Pretty, no? I seem to recall last year sometime they were dicking around with the idea of renaming it... I think comcast was going to buy the rights... I could be wrong though.

The T-town skyline

See what I mean about the cool buildings?

The hills are almost as bad as downtown Seattle

The Museum of Glass... never been, but it looks cool

a clock tower

Aaron likes this bridge, it is pretty cool looking. When we take the back roads down there, we end up crossing it.

They have these crazy big houses all over the place down there that are somewhat beat up and run down but fucking fantastic... I want a house with a tower!

This hospital sticks out like a beacon, it's called St. Joseph's. We drive past it to go see Brandi, and I always just stare at it... reminds me of the furniture from the movie 'a Clockwork Orange." (I think)

Anyhoo, that's all for today. Have a good one!

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