Monday, June 07, 2004


Dude, I think Dr. Phil needs to step in and address some 'male validation' issues with miss thing. Someone needs to tell J-lo that "dude, you don't have to marry every boyfriend. You can just be boyfriend and girlfriend. Damn, and if she and Affleck hadn't dodged the bullet last year when 'the press was too much for them', she'd have had to go to the Dominican Republic to get a quickie divorce too. Damn. I'm taking bets, I say this thing's got a shelf life of a year tops.

What else... I'm not really commenting on Reagan because quite frankly I don't know much about him, except that my parents hated his guts. I do think the devotion between him and Nancy was what marriage is about, and many people I know should take a good look at them and learn something. Alzheimer's is a shitty way to end your life, and no one deserves it. Ok, I guess I commented whatever. On the other hand, I am crossing my fingers that satchel won't be in as I would imagine he's in mourning.

Speaking of asshole breath, last week upon arrival at work, he handed me a pink copy of packet of info that is normally the customer's copy with a note attached. Normally I toss the pink copy when it gets to me because it's the customer's copy. Anyhoo he says "here you go, I found this in your trash." I just stared at him and the note (which was a page long for God's sake) and said "you go through my trash?" He said "well I was emptying it and saw it and pulled it out to see what it was. Those need to go to Everett for that customer..." then he proceeded to tell me exactly what the note said as I walked away, back to my desk. What the fuck. I don't want that idiot emptying my trash if it means his nosy ass goes through it. What if I throw away something personal? Am I being weird about this?

I really want to see farenheit 9/11 Go see the trailer if you haven't already. Of course the trailer pissed me off, and I know the movie will too. It's made to piss you off, I get that... and I know that Michael Moore is pretty, creative when it comes to editing... but the guy has made some pretty interesting points and I am going to see it. I don't see how my hatred of Bush could get any worse, but I imagine it will grow threefold.

We didn't do too much this weekend, Friday night Lori and I went out and she bought a ton of sporting equipment, I bought a basketball! We intend to wile away the pounds playing fun stuff outside. She even picked up jump ropes and Aaron agreed that we could bother him from time to time to be a rope turner. Heh. I still remember my favorite jump rope song "judge, judge, call the judge. Mama's gonna have a baaaaby. Wrap it up in Toilet paper send it down the elevator, first floor stop. Second floor go, third floor turn around, fourth floor touch the ground, fifth floor jump out, sixth floor jump back in, seventh floor start all over again." Dude, this is so the summer of regression.

Saturday we got some stuff done around the house, then Lori came with us and we went to visit Brandi in the rehab center. I feel so bad for her, she's just miserable. They have her in a real shit hole, and she's basically taking care of herself. She is able to get up and move around with a walker, and really is doing remarkably well considering what she's been through. After that, we picked Grandpa up and went to dinner at my parent's house, where I had one glass of wine and got borderline shitfaced. Damn.

Sunday was much of the same, getting stuff done; visited Brandi... got some homework done both days. Just same shit I guess.

Step away from the box bitch.

Pinch a cheeky!

quality time


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