Wednesday, June 16, 2004


So, I've lined up appts for the evenings for the next 3 days and one on saturday. I feel like I don't have time to sit down much less do anything else. See the wedding diary for details.

Last night was fun, Lori and I went to our cousin's 8th grade graduation or rather 'promotion'. It was neat, their school has kind of a bad rep. but damn, there were a ton of honors students... they must be doing something right. The girls looked so cute all dressed up. I'll spread the pics out for the rest of this week.

Cori and I, Lori commented that we look like sisters. We both looked at each other as if to say something snarky, then at the same time said "cool!"

Cassie and I, my aunt Leenie (the girls' nana) told me that she sees a strong resemblance between Cass and I. I agreed, because I always thought their mom Dawn and I looked a bit alike, and I think Cass looks more like her mom too. Those Polenske genes man, you can't beat em out with a stick! I'll have to look for a pic of their mom and post it. We took one last night, but she just had oral surgery and is all swollen so I don't think she'd appreciate me posting one now!

Camryn waves at her sissies

Lori took this shot, a good one of the family... that's Aunt Carrie in the front, Grandma and then Uncle Bruce and Aunt Leenie.

oh, and uh... appropriate wear for your kid's graduation?

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