Monday, June 21, 2004


Refer to the post below this if you'd like to see what I've narrowed it down to in the 'Wedding dress search of 2004... the gown that would not be found'. Upon rereading the various things I've written about Saturday's gown hunting trip, I realize I come off irritated and fed up. This is not entirely true... I put that page together the afternoon we got back after about 9 hours in the car in exceedingly scorching weather... sunburnt from the convertible, hungry, and irritated after getting lost for a period of time in Granite Falls. In which I might add I was convinced we were on the road that went straight to hell, as I can't imagine where else it could've possibly led. Luckily we eventually found the freeway, and all ended well. I was tired. And I felt fat. Those two things do not a happy bride to be make.

Now I am kind of excited, I think I like dress A the best and will be attempting to try it on again this week before I slap down the money for anything. I do like dress B an awful lot, but not as much I think as dress A. I think I look hippy in dress A only because the bitches at the store wouldn't let me take a picture, and we were crammed into the dressing room. The gown didn't have a petticoat underneath it and thus, that picture that we scammed was not a good representation. So we shall see. But I think I really like that one.

Saturday night we attended a bbq at Holly's where much beer and brats and bean dip was eaten. Oh! also artichoke salad that Chandra made. It was so good, I made it for Father's day dinner, where everyone but my picky future husband and picky grandfather had some. I must give props, because damn, that salad was good. Here is the recipe: (as I remember it, because I was a bit inebriated when Chandra gave it to me... though it turned out, so if it's not dead on, it's close.)

Start out with a batch of freshly made chicken rice-a-roni. Add to it chopped olives, red pepper, and artichoke hearts. Then take the juice from the hearts, mix it with some mayo (I used about a cup of mayo... maybe a bit more) and then mix with the rice-a-roni mixture. I also added some whole artichoke hearts on the top for decoration. Chill then serve. Delish.

Sunday was spent cleaning and hanging out at my parent's house. My mom made some bomb-ass hamburgers... I don't even like beef, and these were really good. It was a good weekend.

This explains why Lori was so severely sunburnt. She must've been in direct sunlight for a good 5 hours. I wore sunscreen so I burned a bit but nothing like her.

Holly, Meghan and I chilling out at the end of the night.

I think I hit a 2 beer minimum when I start taking self portraits of the two of us.

Ashley fake laughing to me calling her 'ash-hole'... Lori coined that one.

My sister, the tomato

Yucca... mmmm. Holly's been making this for years, she layers cut up lemons, ice, and sugar over and over until she fills the container, then adds a fifth of vodka. We added raspberry pucker in the shotglasses and it was quite tasty.

Holly's brother Jansen. When I met Holly we were his age. He was 6 at the time. My how time frickin flies.

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