Thursday, June 10, 2004


What an up and down day. I am so dizzy right now I can hardly see straight.. not sure what's up with that. I had my math final last night... and uh, I'm not optimistic. Let's all take a moment to send good vibes (PRAYERS?) because I am seriously afraid I may not pass this class. I actually wrote as an answer to one of the questions : This test is a lot harder then the three tests you handed out as practice, and I feel completely unprepaired. The bio final was today... 7 handwritten pages of essay questions. yikes. BUT IT'S DONE! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I forgot to tell you all about the fight we got into with our ghetto ass neighbor. She is such a bitch. Same lady who freaked out when Lori pulled into her parking stall for like 30 seconds. The lady doesn't even have a car, and Lori was just getting the wallet she left at my house. Anyway, this time she was blasting her music really loud the other night. I was trying to do math homework and was getting EXTREMELY stressed out. I couldn't concentrate with Teddy Pendergast blasting through the walls, and making the windows rattle. So in my passive aggressive way I locked the cats in the bedroom, opened the doors and windows and turned the speakers to face the doors. I then blasted some Eminem (soldier)as loud as I could stand it. It didn't effect her music so when that song was over I put on say goodbye to hollywood by eminem. And I turned it up. Aaron walked in about that time, and thought it was kinda funny that I was doing that. About two minutes later we heard shouting and Shenaynay was at our door. (Seriously looks like Shenaynay... it's spooky.) We turned the music down and went to the door.

"Um, IS THERE A PROBLEM?!" She shouted.
No, why would you think that? (I don't know why I didn't just let it rip, but you know... manly woman standing in front of me, I didn't want Aaron to have to cash the check my mouth was about to write.

we proceeded to argue back and forth for a minute or two and she insisted she was approachable and that I should have knocked on her door and told her it was too loud. I told her that she is NOT approachable and I didn't feel comfortable doing that after she threatened my sister the last time there was an altercation. She denied it of course, and then we argued some more and Aaron got pissed off and slammed the door in her face.

To that she screamed: 'YO MAMA... BIITCH.'

I just have to interject here... um 'yo mama'? Didn't that saying go out with hammer pants?

We stormed around the apartment fuming, and she put on a little 50 cent, so loud we had to speak up to hear each other in our apartment. I hemmed and hawed and decided 'fuck this.' I went over to her door and knocked, then shouted(she blasts the music while the front door is open.)... it was too loud. Aaron pounded on the door so hard I thought it would come off the hinges. She came out, more arguing ensued and I said "dude, you said you were approachable... I'm approaching you. IT'S TOO LOUD."

To sum it up she turned it down, and things are kosher... I think.

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