Friday, June 11, 2004


You know that commercial for the medicine that's supposed to help people who have to pee all the time? I've got the jingle stuck in my head. Last night I actually said to Aaron "You know, it amazes me how much I pee on a daily basis." I believe I've pulled back the curtain. There are no more secrets.

But seriously. I drink usually about 4-5 liters of water a day. For two reasons really... one is because when I had the kidney stones in March of 2002, the doc told me that I am now 80% more likely to get them again. One of the ways to prevent them or help them along, I don't really remember is to drink LOTS of water. Every now and then I get a pang, right where the kidney stone pain was and I'm downing the water like there's no tommorrow. Probably unrelated, but whatever. The other reason is because I do think it aids weight loss and hot damn if it doesn't keep my skin looking all dewy and fresh... or not. Anyhoo, the point of this long disconnected paragraph is that I pee. A lot.

We buy our water at costco because it's so damn cheap, and I've even been putting the tap filter that Aaron installed oh so long ago to use. It's not bad really. My sister doesn't really care for water, so I guess I'm lucky in that I kind of like it. I never drink it at a restaurant though. ick.

So school has been over for less than 24 hours and already the wedding planning has resumed full force. I spent about 5 hours in front of my laptop (in front of the television.. um, heaven!) trying to install my favorite publishing program (yeah, if anyone has a copy of Microsoft Picture It Publishing --- anything later than 2001 and would like to burn me a copy I would be your best friend and send you a little thank you gift!) I was trying to do a bridal newsletter to send out to the bridesmaids and family just to update them on what's going on. Finally I gave up and loaded my printmaster software, it's ok but I really like Microsoft publishing better.

Check out the wedding diary for details on the planning. It's also got a new look, and if the entry titled: Mish Mash doesn't come up, well then check back because Diaryland keeps deleting it and it's the entry I just added today. I'll keep tinkering with it and see if I can fix the prob.

Friday Forum

1. Have you ever seen or met a world leader [or a high-ranking
government official] in person? When and where? What was the
experience like?

Well... Ol' GW drove past my office in his motorcade shortly after the buffoon was elected, I don't remember why he was here... anyhoo my office is very close to the small airport that Airforce one flies into. Other than that I saw our governor at a rally for 9-11 a couple years back.

2. Have you ever had the desire to run for a public/political office? Why/why not?

Hell no. Why would I bring that kind of pressure on myself? Not only that, but if you disagree with me on politics I will think you are an idiot and that would make me an undesirable political candidate. I am unbending on my opinions.

3. Who do you feel has been the most memorable world leader
so far? Why?

For me personally, it would be Clinton... if we are talking people I think positively of. If we are talking notorious figures then it would be the idiot-bag that holds the office now. No leader has ever pissed me off as much that's for sure.

4. What, if anything, would you most like to improve about your country?

LEADERSHIP. Get that fucker out of office.

5. What are your thoughts about the recent passing of former
U.S. President Ronald Reagan?

Nothing really... I get irritated by all the people claiming 'what a national hero' he was... it's like we only say the kindest things about dead people. I think he probably had the best intentions and it seems like he truly believed in what he was doing... I could contrast that with the puppet we call president right now, but you know... it gets redundant after a while. I don't think he did much for the working class, (read:PO FOLK) but whatever. It's kind of cool to see the traditions carried out for his funeral that my generation really has never been exposed to. So I guess I'm learning something. I think as our former President, it's kind of cool that he gets so much honor and all the ceremonial stuff is pretty cool.

The boys and their love affair with boxes.

Taken through a hole in the box asa likes to hide out in.

"You have insulted my sensibilities you impetuous whore!"

Asa readies himself for the bitch slap

Love the action shot... mid bite?

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