Tuesday, June 22, 2004

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Now that's fucking funny.



From Go-Quiz.com


1. If I bite my lip or cheek ONE MORE TIME whilst chewing gum, I may just explode.

2. If that dumbfuck satchel comes up to my desk one more time to waste my time I fear that felonious incidents may occur. By the way I think I should start a computer class called 'computing for dumbfuck assholes like yourself you satchel bastard face idiot.' BY THE WAY... to get out of a window YOU PRESS THE X IN THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER YOU HELPLESS FUCK. Gah!

3. I love the input on the dresses I do, but damn you guys can make a girl feel pressured. If one more person tells me not to 'settle' I may just say fuck it and show up in my comfiest pj pants and my 'save water drink beer' t-shirt. Seriously. Lori says I am thinking too much about this and that maybe I'm just not the type of person who 'bonds' with a dress. I wonder if she's right. The fact that people keep saying "you'll know it when you have it on" stresses me out to no end, because while I did love all the dresses on this page none of them made me cry or want to burst into song... or made me want to shell out money right there on the spot. What if I don't get that feeling? What if it's too late and I end up with a dress I'm not sure is 'the one?' What if I try one on and it's "the one" but it's just too expensive? WHAT IF WHAT IF WHAT IF????????

4. I keep hitting the wrong keys and have to go back and delete the typos and that alone is making me crazy.

5. This morning on my usual call with Aaron the reception was bad and he kept saying 'what?'... if you know me in real life you know that I HATE TO HAVE TO FUCKING REPEAT MYSELF. This ended with me snapping and saying "I have to go, I can't discuss something with you when you can't hear me." I then apologized, because it came out kind of harsh. I explained myself and said I had to go before I had a fucking aneurism(sp?). Poor Aaron. He was really sweet about it, but I shouldn't have snapped. But I really, really, really loathe repeating myself.

6. The fact that satchel even came in today. Seriously. Sometimes I get upset with myself about how I let him get the best of me, and the quote from Booker T. Washington comes to mind "I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him." but then I realize that Booker T. Washington was a far better person than I because all I have to do is hear the fucker's voice or see the fucker's car and I am absolutely fucking enraged.


1. Troy and I are going to the reception hall today to pay it off and take measurements and figure out how the heck we are going to turn a vfw hall into a fairytale room. I am pretty excited about this.

2. All but one of our ebay items sold, netting us about 180 bucks. Thus far, dear ol' ebay has contributed about 350 bucks to the wedding.

3. Our honeymoon tickets arrived today!!!

4. The weather outside is outstanding, and should reach 83 degrees by 5pm.

5. I buffed, filed and painted my fingernails with clear strengthening gloss last night and they look half decent.

6. I bought some doffee... don marcano's or something (it was from QFC, in a canister, not the foo-foo kind) cinnamon hazelnut and it is so damn good.

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