Thursday, June 24, 2004


Thanks for all the comments on the dresses, I appreciate it. My favorite goes to Joy who I won't link here unless she tells me I can, but she said:

"I *love* the new dress that you tried on. I totally think that it looks good on you, very slimming in the waist area. The other dress does seem like "your cup runneth over"

I actually laughed out loud, she cracks me up. Well folks, I did choose a dress... a mahvelous dress I must say. It's one that I've tried on before... in fact as soon as I obtain one of the forbidden pics from my cousin and ash I will upload it and show it off. I was happy, secure... no boobage, and I looked damn skinny... not to mention that both my cousin and my mom started crying which in turn made me cry... so yeah IT'S THE ONE! And I wanted to as Nessa would say 'get this motherfucker ordered.' AND I DID! 567 bucks with shipping. Hot damn I have a dress. :-)

Other than that, I suck because I haven't updated and I seriously haven't done shit other than sit on my couch with my laptop in my lap, episode one of Party of Five blaring (I heart netflix) on the tv, while I search ebay for every possible wedding related thing there could be on this green earth. I consider it a huge victory if I win something for almost nothing. I have had to stop myself at foolish buys like 'antique wedding doily... 35 cents." ... dude, I'm anti-doily. Unless it has the word 'FUCK' embroidered on it. Hey that's an idea, I want a doily emblazened with FUCK in our colors... which, ahem, have changed again.

What? You know I'm nothing if not indecisive!

I have also become addicted to the KNOT. I am an official knottie... strongly considering going to the Seattle knottie get together next week. But I'm wierd about social events like that... maybe I"ll beg Lori to come with me. It is at Azteca... oh how we love the Azteca.

check out the weddn diary for some funny moments of dress shopping... at least one that still makes me laugh.

How about a buttload of pictures... for lack of entries of substance lately... and it'll help me clean out my queue.


Aaron tries his luck at Jansen's geetar.

Ashley's future's so bright she's gotta wear shades. Meanwhile Chandra and I stare on in what appears to be confusion...

Ashley and I and... Chandra's tongue sandwiched between us. heh.

Me bonding with Holly's cat angel. Who sheds like a bastard by the way.

One of my favorite pics of Ashley of all time.

Ash, Holly and I

I don't really know what's going on here.

It was about eleventy million cajillion degrees in the apartment that night, and Jansen was going around putting a frozen water bottle on everyone's neck. It was actually really refreshing.

Holly's sister Justine even made a cameo that night.

Meghan and Emily chillin' out on the couch.

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