Friday, June 04, 2004


I actually had my hair up in a completely different style complete with curling and everything before I left for work... I then deemed that it looked like shit, ripped it out, wet it down, blew dry it again, and now it's just hanging all sad and... icky. It's getting too long to be able to put up easily and be bouncy.

I was laying on the floor doing crunches, and Asa was sitting by the entertainment center. Out of nowhere he turned to bolt and ran smack dab into the entertainment center. It cracked me up, but I also felt bad for the little guy, the crack from his forehead hitting the wood was so loud.

When I got home last night Aaron and I cleaned the shit out of the apartment. It was getting to me big time. He's such a good sport when it comes to that... for some fucked up reason I always feel bad asking him to help me take care of the apartment. I always thank him when we are done and he usually says "you don't have to thank me, I live here too." And it's true, but I still do. I'm weird.

I am unlocking the wedding diary; and putting the entries that need to stay password protected, in the private folder. If you have the username and password you should still be able to access them. Everything else should be accessible now though. I may even remove those entries completely as I don't want to 'darken' the diary that's supposed to be happy with them. We'll see.

For everyone but Aaron...
On a happier note though, I did update over there, so check it out.


1. Name three people, living or dead, who you'd love to invite over for a dinner party. What would you serve?

Well, this doesn't say famous or not. So I guess if it were famous it would be... Bill Clinton, Wally Lamb- my most favoritest author ever, and lastly... Paul sr. or mikey from Orange County Choppers... after all if Aaron and I are throwing a dinner party it can't all be about me. If we are talking not famous then I would say Aaron's Dad (so he could see him once more), My grandma (who is deceased),and my mom-- so she could meet Aaron's dad, and so she could see her mom once more... and so we could both get a lesson in how you make gravy!

2. What does your all-time favorite meal consist of? Which foods do you like the least?

Hmmm... it's probably white clam sauce spaghetti from The Old Spaghetti Factory. Complete with sourdough bread and spumoni for dessert. I don't care for coleslaw at all, as well as cottage cheese or much fish... unless it's boneless.

3. Do you enjoy a food combination that some might consider
unusual [for example, barbecue sauce with French fries]?

I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches... but that's not really odd. I don't think so.

4. Do you have any food weaknesses [i.e., chips, candy,
cookies]? Do you usually manage to avoid the temptation or give

Ice cream... I love ice cream. I avoid it if it's not in the house. If it's in the house I have to be really determined otherwise I'll cave.

5. Which foods/recipes have you never tried but would like to?

I'd like to try to make indian food and thai food... but never have. Oooh, and sushi too.

Asa on MY lap in a fit of rare affection.

Gimme that finger!

Asa refuses to step 'outside the box'

But he'll still kick some ass

that is until Molly decides to pull the fur off his face.

here it is in closeup... good Lord.

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