Wednesday, May 12, 2004


I am in a bit of a mood today. Let's just say I need more fiber in my system and call it good.

Ok gang, I have 29 days of school left...*sigh* that translates to about 4 weeks from today I will be taking my last final until January of next year. (Unless of course I take a class over the summer, but I HIGHLY doubt I would do something as crazy as that.) I just want to BE DONE RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Right now!

I want to get back to the gym, every week I say "this is the week I go back." Then I get bitch-slapped by my biology class and if that isn't enough my math class takes a cheap shot and kicks me in the ribs while I'm down.

I hate school right now. To the powers that be, I could give a rat's ass how many motherfucking nucleotides are in each cell of my everloving self. (the answer to that is 3 billion by the way.) Nor do I care what the nth root of a is to the x power. *sigh* HATE.HATE.HATE.HATE.HATE.HATE!

On the upside, we got new computers at work this week, and it is DIVINE. Love love love the new computers. Also, the conference room that is right next to my space is now kevin's new office, he moved up there to get away from the satchel bastard, and it's kind of nice not being the only one in the front of the office. I feel like I have a buddy up there.

Speaking of dickface (satchel--as if you didn't know) we got into it yesterday, because I didn't bother to alert him that he had a mssg in his mssg. box. Now, when I take down a mssg, the guys usually check their box when they come through the door, grab any mail and/or mssgs and are on their way. For some reason, dumbass doesn't remember to do this all the time, and consequently mssgs will occasionally sit there for a few hours. He got all offended when I didn't alert him to it, and I told him I forgot. He acted all insulted and shit and said "well, why couldn't you have just made an effort to let me know it's been sitting there?" I said "BECAUSE I FORGOT FOR ONE, and secondly, I don't make it my business to make sure you have your messages. That's why you have a box." He shouted at me in a sarcastic tone "Thanks. Your cooperation is OUTSTANDING!" I replied "Satchel, SHUT UP!" Professional, no? I then received the following email this morning:

I desire to return every call or respond to each message as soon as I can. To help me, please advise me as soon as practical whenever you have a person I am to respond to. I would like an intercom call or E mail or some other method you think would work better. Thanks for your help.

I replied:

I understand, however, if you are not in the office I cannot intercom you, that is what your message box is for. I will try to remember to send you an email, but you need to try to remember to check your box, as I am not only taking messages for you, but for kevin and john as well.

Also, 9 times out of ten, your customers don't leave messages. Almost all of the time they decline to leave a mssg, as I'm sure you can attest. (Being that you rarely have mssgs waiting.)

I wanted to add:
Oh yeah, and quit being a fucking douchebag and maybe people will want to help you.

But I didn't.

"And then you put the ball in the net like this..."

Camryn: "This dude is Craaazy."
Evan: "someone tell her that the ball goes in net!"

Evan: "The ball goes in the net right?"
Camryn: "I am so going to grab that ball from him as soon as I get a chance..."

Evan: "forget about the ball, let's talk about us"
Camryn: "I don't know dude, I think cousins are as good as we're gonna get."


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