Monday, May 10, 2004


I am so tired. Seriously. Have not been this tired in a loooooong time.

We stayed up watching the most anticlimactic Survivor finale to date. Duh Amber won. Of course she did. And just a side note, would it have killed her to show a little bit of freakin' enthusiasm? How about a little emotion when Boston Rob proposed? I mean really.

This weekend was a good one, We saw Kid Rock on Friday, he was awesome as usual. If I had 1/10 the energy he had on stage running through me right this second, I'd be so happy. I just can't seem to get with it today.

Saturday was good, I met a friend for coffee, and then cooked dinner for mom and dad and Grandpa and Lori. It was a nice evening, then Aaron and I watched Stuck On You. Funny, but dumb... though we were prepared for it to be dumb. We also saw Snoop Dogg on SNL and hot damn was I impressed. He was hilarious!

Sunday, Lori and I rode our bikes over to my Grandma's house for a family barbecue. I went over the route in my head for a few days trying to figure out which one would be the most painless. Turns out Burien is damn hilly, DAMN hilly. It was fun though, and we made it there in about an hour.

We had a nice time visiting with the fam; I'll post pics tomorrow, as I suck and haven't downloaded them yet.

Mainly just a nice weekend.

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