Tuesday, May 25, 2004


I was asleep before 8:30 last night. My lower back pain decided to multiply itself by a million or so, and I was in unbearable pain from about 7pm on. I took a vicoden, a couple ibuprofen, laid on a heating pad, had Aaron try and give me a back massage and promptly passed the hell out. Whatever it was is gone for today, and I actually woke up feeling rested! Although now I could use a nap.

I didn't even get to see who was crowned the swan. I was glad though to log on this morning and see it was Rachel, I thought she was the most dramatic. I hope she dropped her "Rachel's sort of average" husband right on his ass. What a dick! Even if she was average, how about being supportive asshole?

Satchel was supposed to be gone today, but no. Otherwise it would have been a perfect day.

Did you catch our idiot President's address last night? I think they should have titled it: 101 Ways to mispronounce 'Abu Ghraib'. You know, it's just fucking amazing watching someone stumble over three syllables so badly at one point he pronounced it 'aru garum'... WTF? Not to mention that when he gives these fucking dumb ass speeches, he reads two sentences at a time. Like it's not all one speech, but rather an assortment of statements. Oh my God... seriously I'm getting all irritated now just thinking about it. I do not see how they are going to transfer ANY sort of power in a month. That place is a basic death chamber now, give it a month and let's see how much worse it can get. It's just so depressing.

Anyway, Hope everyone is having a decent Tuesday.

Molly's got Asa in the strong hold as she bunny kicks his face. heh.

How 'jungle-esque' does my dining room window look? Asa was picking on Ben and for once he stood up for himself. Normally the pansy lays there playing dead and will bolt at the first opportunity. On a side note, check out Asa's monster paw.

When the ears are back, she means bizness.


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