Tuesday, May 18, 2004


So, my dad has graciously bestowed upon Aaron and I his $5,000 wheelchair to sell for the wedding. He's got a much nicer automatic one to cruise, and hasn't used this particular one for like 3-4 years. He used it mostly while he was in neuro-rehab. ANYHOO, I am going to post it on craigslist when my mom finds the paperwork so I can describe it better than 'uh, a really nice set of wheels,yo.' It has a 'uni-brake' and it also can be tilted back like... 90 degrees? Dad help me out here. Anyway, here's a picture of me in it.

So yeah, if you know anyone who is looking for something like this let me know. I am hoping (praying, begging, pleading) to get 3 grand for it, but you know. Highest offer wins.

So I've just discovered Air America Radio. I have been listening to it (quietly of course) online at work, and am thoroughly enjoying it, and all the ads too. I can't wait to tune into Janeane Garofalo's show this afternoon. It's on at an awkward time (5-8pm) but I do want to try and catch a bit of it. I just sucks because I can only listen to it online.

Last night we decided to take a bike ride down to mom and dad's. It's only a couple of miles, but it's a long, low grade hill. My thighs were burning like something fierce. But we did it and had a great time. When we got home we worked out to Lori's beach body dvd.(arms and abs.)

We had to shut the cats out of the bedroom last night because Molly is a damn freak. There is a kitty who hangs around, I think he lives in the complex, and he drives Molly batshit. He doesn't mean to, all he does is walk by and the hissing and growling start. The other night she freaked out, jumped at the window, and ended up pulling the curtains partially down. Well last night I was brushing my teeth and Aaron was dozing when this kitty came by and Molly freaked out and scared the hell out of Aaron. Heh, it was kinda funny, but I shooed her ass right out the door. I do not need a 3 am wake up call in the form of screeching and hissing.

Aaron was surprised at my foot attire for the bike ride. I never wear shoes when possible. Ever. (I'm my mother's daughter, huh mom?)

sweet kitty yawn

scary kitty yawn

Ben likes to bitch. A LOT.


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