Thursday, May 27, 2004


That song is in my head right now, courtesy of Yahoo! Radio. Man, what an uneventful entry this is shaping up to be. Two sort of funny things happened today... well not funny, but kind of odd I guess.

Last night I cleaned my closet and sorted shit for the future garage sale we are planning. I do this about once a year, maybe twice... but it's a rarity nonetheless. Well this morning I get up and Lori has left a mssg on my phone, apparently she cleaned her closet last night and got stuff together for the garage sale too... even wierder, considering she found stuff in her closet she got for christmas like 2 years ago. strange.

Then I was on the phone with my cousin Dawn, and I said something about Aspartame and pronounced it (ass-per-tame). She kind of laughed and said "You know what's funny? I always mispronounce it as 'as-part-amie'." I said "Dude! I always do that, and people always correct me! In fact when I just said it I had to think 'as-part-amie or ass-per-tame'. " It was kinda funny, especially when we found out we pronounce 'adirondack' the same (wrong) way. Must be in our Polenske genes.

Other than that, I finished homework up early as it seems they are laying off now that school's almost done (14 days!) actually it's really only one more week as the last week is just finals. Anyhoo, I watched Sex and The City season 6 disk 1 while I cleaned out the closet. Good Times.

Can I just mention that I hate it when people compare me to Miranda? She is the LEAST likeable character and if I am a judgemental, moody bitch then at least don't tell me so!

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