Friday, May 07, 2004


Tonight's the night! We are gonna go see Kid Rock at Key Arena and I can't even wait. He is so good in concert, and say what you will about looks or whatever, but damn can he get a crowd pumped up. He's got some serious stage presence. I had totally forgotten we even had the tickets until last night, when Lori and I were making plans to go bike riding. In the middle of our conversation I was like "wait a minute, we have the concert tomorrow!" Obviously I'm excited, I love concerts and this will be the first one Aaron and I have ever gone to.

So, last night. Warning if you haven't watched friends or survivor, don't read this next bit....



Ok, on Survivor, I gotta say I really hate Boston Rob. Obviously the guy is playing the game, but he's playing it like a weasel and I hate him. A lot. I don't care for Amber either, but whatever. If Rob is smooth enough to make it to the final two, he better hope it's Amber or Jenna next to him because he will NEVER beat Rupert. Too many people like him. Amber would likely win over him for likeability but I think that might even be fading. I personally think his best shot would be Jenna, but really, if he makes it into the final two and wins I'll be amazed.

Friends was so sweet. They did it justice, I thought. It was good, but not over the top and it was so sweet. Jack and Erica Bing, I love it.

ER... I really hope that wasn't the season finale... I don't think it was, but they didn't show previews for the next one, so we'll see. I bawled for Carter and Kem. Also, I was surprised to see the change in Sam's ex, from smooth and mellow to possibly menacing. That will be interesting to see how it unfolds.



Okay, spoilers over,

Not a whole helluva lot planned this weekend. I plan to get some homework done tomorrow morning, then am meeting a friend for coffee at 2, then I am going to mom's house to make dinner for the fam tommorrow evening. Aaron has to work both days, I suspect we'll go grocery shopping tomorrow night when he gets home, then on sunday when he get's home we'll attend a family barbecue at my grandma's house. Sunday is also our one year anniversary in the apartment. Not too shabby. I think Lori and I will ride our bikes over to Grandma's and Aaron will meet us there after work in case we want a ride home :-)

No more friday five I guess. Bah.

As an early mother's day gift, a shit load of kitty pictures, as those are my mom's favorite.

Aaron says this is Ben's gargoyle pose

That's the newest way to signify status in the house nowdays, whoever sits on the wicker basket is 'da bomb'. Asa actually pushed ben off of it the other day. Also, note the filthy paws mr. waterphobe is sporting. I've decided instead of singing to him everymorning "good morning mr. pootyhead furpants" I'm going to just refer to him as his new mobster name: "filthypaws johnson".

Asa checks to see if Molly's butt is as pillow-like as it looks

and apparently it is.


Ben's crazy face

This one's for mom and dad... 'smells wike...fingo' heh

Molly and Asa beat the shit out of each other

I wish I had a soundbite of the growling (molly) and the crying (asa--pansy ass)

It's a regular love fest around here

Molly pretends to be cute and angelic

Then quickly reverts to her natural personality. "Get that camera out of my face before I unleash you weaselly human, and for God's sake quit screeching "IT'S A MOLLY GIRL!" In my ear."

Acey pie pootyhead filthypaws johnson

How do ya like me now Beyotch! (He's looking at Ben)


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