Thursday, April 08, 2004


Heh, It always freaks me out a bit to know who in 'real' life reads this site. Apparently some people who work with my mom do... I guess the secret is out that she not only has one loudmouth, disobedient daughter who curses like a trucker, but two! (Heh, my sis works with her in the same office.)

Anyhoo, I received and passed on a pretty lewd email to a couple of friends this morning. I did find it really funny, but in the interest of not pissing anyone off, I titled the subject bar: Sorry if this offends, but it's really funny. I got an email back from my friend Nate (who is totally one of the funniest people I know) that said:

i am completely horrified by this. please take me off all future emails and communications. please send all future disgusting, revolting, retched emails to (his girlfriend's email address)

Sincerely - Nathan

I wrote him back:

Now THAT'S funny!

He kills me.

By the way, I thought I would share that if you were peeking in my bedroom window this morning, you would have seen me folding clothes while watching Condo-sleeza (sorry, terriby hokey, but true) Rice testify. Richard Ben-Veniste (who by the way is welcome to stop by my house anytime he wants for coffee and cookies as long as we bash those eeeevil Rep.'s together) was questioning her when I tuned in. When she kept trying to talk over him, and he stood firm and repeated "just answer the question. Just answer the question." I actually pointed to the television and said "Yeah! Bitch!" I am hanging my head in shame that I actually get this worked up over politics. Who knows if she is even telling the truth anyway. I would LOVE to see the white house declassify the pdb (presidential daily bulletin) from Aug. 6 titled "Bin Laden determined to attack inside United States." It'll NEVER happen, because "those are sensitive memos, vital to National Security." Whatever. This is all being done in the name of saving face. I would imagine that that memo, containing 'historical information' or NOT, probably has some stuff in it that would cost Bush the election. He'll never agree to declassify it. At least not the real deal. That's also why we'll never hear anyone affiliated with any of this (who still has a job) say "we dropped the ball. and we're sorry." NEVER. If Bush or anyone close to him were to admit that one thing, he would be gone. Why would he risk it?

I really loved when Bob Kerrey took his line of questioning a little to the left, and then proceeded to exclaim " How the Hell could he have been swatting flies!" Best quote of the day! Unfortunately, there was a marked difference in the tone of the questions from the Dems and the tone from the Reps. Sadly, Kerrey's diatribe about Iraq will be hailed as 'inappropriate' I'm sure by the masses. *sigh* I agree with him though.

Oh yeah, I wanted to slap that arrogant smirk off of her face 99% of the whole interview.

On a lighter note, I saw on MSNBC.COM a few days ago that you could write in what you would like to ask Rice, I totally thought about writing: "Who Killed Kennedy?" or "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" But I didn't really want to see the response to that.

I got my hair done last night... not sure if I like it. I had her do the same foil on the top and then dye the underside a darker brown... I don't know, what do you think?

This one's an eye sniffer

This one's a butt sniffer

this one, he sniffs um, other stuff

Ben is disgruntled that I won't let him sit with me. Such a pouter.

Asa can be such a help with the laundry sometimes.


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