Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Of course, that's assuming anyone EVER thinks my title ideas are clever. So, first off, to those of you who left messages (which landed you in the majority with my mother which, let me just say thrills me to no end. /sarcasm) saying that I should go to a doctor, I had already made an appointment for Wednesday afternoon. Luckily they had a spot open during my lunch break. *sigh* this does however mean I'm going to have to write a motherfucking 25 dollar check to be told that A. it's a virus or B. it's a cold and I will leave there with nothing but a shitty attitude and a hatred of a new doctor. Of course, there are a couple of other things I might run by her just because I'm there, but concerning my nose, it will be as it always is.

Someone once said "you catch more 'viruses' than anyone I know." Don't I know it sister. I call it the shitty doctor disease. I think a lot of it is genetics, my mom spent the better part of my life blowing her nose and complaining about her sinuses. (she probably still has the same problems, but since I moved out I seem to not remember much about it.) I think I just got handed her crappy genes in that respect. Of course I also inherited her good genes when it comes to taste, reading, and being a democrat, but the sinuses man, the sinuses are a low blow.

Speaking of politics (ok, we're not, just play along.) I have got to stop reading people's blogs who tend to post political BULLSHIT. All it does is piss me off and further my distaste for them and their stupid fucking opinions. Of course, some people may feel that way about me, oh well piss on them.

Um, I went to get my car tabs today and to transfer the title on the car from Dad's name to mine... let me tell you, those asshole employees have a pretty good deal going on down there. The office was tiny, there were two employees. One was on a break, and the other person was on the phone fiddling with her computer (in fairness she was attempting to help someone, but still.) There were 8 people in line, including me, and before she got off the phone, two more came and had to keep the door open so the line could go outside. She was a cheerful person, but damn. Wouldn't you think the people in the fucking flesh would be more important than someone on the phone? And by the way, step it up a notch. They were so slow. Ah well, at least I got it done and don't have to worry about it for another year.

oh, before I forget, to answer, Maeleigh, the cats do hang out together if there is an open window, or a big box in the front room they can all sit on. Other than that, Molly is a bit of a loner. When she's not wrestling to the death with Asa, she is either in the chair by herself or on our bed by herself. Asa and Ben both like the company of Aaron and I, though Asa just wants to be in the same room, while Ben *has* to be touching one of us at all times.

Asa the little bastard far prefers Aaron to me, oh well, at least they're cute together.

Here Evan is in his brand new tonka hard hat that came with his dump truck. He turned two last friday, and um, by the way I'm not allowed to post any pictures of Aaron that were allegedly taken with him wearing this hat.

Ahhh, the joys of watching survivor while simultaneously kicking Aaron's ass at Dr. Mario, heh, in his defense he is getting better. My days at the top are numbered.


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