Tuesday, April 27, 2004


I am fighting the urge to chalk this up to a shitty day. I woke up in a funk, should have gone to the gym, but didn't because I was tired and my ass is sore from squatting while bathing the cats. I should have also done homework since I got up an hour early, but I didn't do that either. I did shitty on my math quiz last night (which I have two more chances to attempt to make it better but ... bah.) While putting lotion on my dry as hell elbows, I dripped lotion all over my jeans, just a few minutes ago I apparently forgot how to drink water. All of a sudden I snorted it somehow and all the water I had taken in through my mouth was dripping out of my nose, down the front of my shirt and pants and I was coughing and sputtering, and trying to stop the flow of water whilst trying not to cry because my God the burning... the burning was awful.

So yeah, it's been an interesting morning thus far. I am fucking tired and just want to go home. I have midterms on friday and monday, a lab due tonight, a quiz on thursday a math unit due tomorrow (ha! Laughable!) and I really should redo the last two math units as I performed miserably on them... but there's just no time.

Like I said, I'm in a funk.

I did make a really good, really easy dinner last night. I call it the 'breakfast bake'. I cut up two large baking potatoes into cubes and boiled them for about 5 minutes. I think half that time would have sufficed though, since they sat in the water as it heated to boiling. As that was going on, I browned some sausage, drained the grease and put it in a bowl. After the potatoes boiled, I put them in the frying pan with some butter and let them cook some more. (THey ended up being kind of mushy, but still good.) then added the sausage back to reheat and poured in a scrambled egg mixture to kind of glue everything together. I let it cook for a minute, stirred it all up, and repeated until the egg was cooked. When that was done I sprinkled grated cheese on top and covered while I toasted some english muffins.

I made my portion different as I wanted mushrooms and diced onion in mine, and I also only wanted egg whites. I didn't use cheese on mine either. In the end, Aaron had his plain, I mixed fat free sour cream with mine, and Lori put ketchup on hers. We all loved it. So easy, took about a half hour from start to serve.

I putzed around the house this morning in search of shit to sell on ebay. I figure, we'll get a decent size stash of cash in paypal and be able to buy some wedding stuff off there. They have great deals on a lot of decorative stuff. I am constantly racking my brain, trying to figure out how to make a buck.

In order to save a buck, we are having cable internet access installed tomorrow and are getting rid of our phone. Now, a wise person would say "just get rid of the internet access at home... but that just insn't a choice. It's my method of preferred communication, and Aaron loves to surf the net. So we'll get rid of Earthlink, and use Comcast, and since we already have comcast cable television, we'll get a break on internet services. Couple that with the no more nails policy and only buying what we fucking NEED at the grocery store and I think we are looking at a savings of more than 90 bucks a month. Not too bad.

Great, just got a call that our photographer for the wedding wants out, she's a friend and would rather enjoy the wedding. I totally understand, but she was giving us a great deal... I wonder if we'll get anyone else who can do as good of a deal... *sigh* great day!

oh yeah, and Kay~ those jello shots were made and brought in by someone in our group; luckily we've been going to that bar since we were well... not 21, and as a thank you, we collected donations to give to the owner/bartender but he was cool about it anyway.

And thanks to everyone who keeps sending me honeymoon ideas, it really does help!

Aaron and Wili the other night at Meghan's bday

I am moved by the styling vocal skills of that dude who kept singing all the greenday songs... and way to seriously by the way.

Aaron's sister Brandi and our friend Leah made it to they party too.

Chandra's first time baking yielded some righteous cupcakes. Damn they were good.

Please pet me


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