Tuesday, April 13, 2004


I still don't have much to say, just not feeling very wordy as of late. I woke up yesterday morning bright and early and went to the gym for the first time in... well, a while. I'm sore today from doing less than I usually do, which is fine. I don't mind it, I actually feel like I'm making progress. Today though, I just was so freakin' tired and decided to do some homework when Aaron left for work at 5:30 am. I got through about 10 minutes before I decided it just wasn't happening and cleaned the house. The clutter that was lying around was threatening my sanity. We have seriously little to no space in our tiny ass apartment, and the shit that accumulates makes me crazy. I believe that's what I was screaming last night when Aaron asked if anything was wrong. "Wrong? WRONG? THIS FUCKING MESS IS MAKING ME CRAZY AARON! IT'S GOING TO MAKE ME INSANE!" I was half laughing when I was yelling, but he understood. He's just way more laidback about stuff like that. So I got up bright and early and ended up takingout 3 huge bags of trash out this morning. And really, there is another one under the kitchen sink that should be taken out, but I could only take so much in one trip ... so that'll be taken out later anyway when it's completely full. I feel better though... at least a little bit.

So anyway, I thought I'd post some pictures from the bday party; I did have a good time despite my shitty attitude here, I guess you just come to expect things from other grown ass adults, and when they don't come through it's disappointing. Granted, I shouldn't let it ruin everything but hey now, if not co-dependent what am I?

Two pictures came out of that night that absolutely crack my shit up. I have been forbidden by Aaron to ever post the one of him, and I'm sure if I posted the one of Lori she'd hunt me down like a rabid dog, so unfortunately those won't be shown. Don't think for a second though that they're not set to be my wallpaper on my computer. ;-P

Lori and I, the bday girls

From the left is Me, Kelly, Chandra, Meghan, Matt and Holly. Matt and Kelly were leaving because of an old wrinkled ass face inside, and Holly, Meghan and Chandra had to leave early because ... well, an unnamed person pulled an Allison. :-) (read: had one too many jello shots in the parking lot)

Kel and Lor before Kelly got 'addressed by security'. She totally looks like a threat, no?

From left to right... wili, lisa and dwayne... I love how this pic turned out.

That's funny, I didn't even notice Meghan in the backround till just now :-)

"and I said: AWWWWW SHNAP!"

I on the otherhand didn't have many jello shots at all...

ok, maybe I had a few... or a dozen, whatever!

Aaron and his Uncle Louie

a pic of me on my ACTUAL bday, I think everyone was singing to me right about then.

a perfect way to end the weekend... all tuckered out on the couch.


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