Thursday, April 29, 2004


It's 5:23am homies! I am actually up and at em, and anticipating my first cup of morning java. I wasn't going to keep indulging because I don't necessarily think the caffeine is aiding any sort of weight loss, but since I am not going to the gym (again) because I have an INSANE AMOUNT OF FUCKING WORK TO DO FOR SCHOOL... I am up at the buttcrack of dawn to play a little catch up, and so I don't have to work from the time I get home tonight to the time I go to bed, because frankly my dear it's Survivor night and fuck all if that doesn't take precidence. ... (sp?)

So anyway, that brings me to my question, I am trying to think of a new email address. The comcast was installed just fine and I will have my earthlink accounts for another month, but I am anxious to start transferring things over. If anyone has any suggestions for some kinda cool email addys, shoot em my way. For reference, here are some past email addy's I've had and some of the ones I've come up with for the new one, but they just don't feel right a side note, I would like to keep this next one for a lot longer than just a year.

OLD ONES (spin was short for spinster... heh, and 28 was Joey Cora's number when he was a Mariner) (Miha, spanish term of endearment our cook at the preschool called all of us ladies, 77 is my birth year.) (Pennielane for the Beatles song, and I was 24 at the time)

NEW ONES I'M CONSIDERING think this one is self explanatory (I just don't like the 77 at the end for some reason, but MrsMartin is already taken by itself.) think people would misread it as miss-us martin.) (this one sounds dirty) (in high school that was how I wanted to spell my name)

who knows, I'm tired of thinking about it for the moment. I'll update again later adios!

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