Thursday, April 22, 2004


Hey gang! I think I've found the bright spot in all this wedding budget drama! I've looked at the facts and figures and if I can manage to scrimp and save $68.47 per day starting ya know, today then we will meet our budget no sweat!

All sarcasm aside, that's about what it breaks down to. *sigh* I think we'll be alright, I think if we can save every penny that comes from my paychecks we'll come in under that by a couple grand, but hopefully Aaron's side job will help cover some of it too. I just got a dental bill for 700 bucks and a girlie doctor bill for 260. SWEET! I didn't go to the doctor yesterday because, well I want to serve grilled eggplant on beds of caviar at the wedding... not. I want to serve the cheapest motherfucking food possible (only the best for my friends and family! I swear!) and you know, shelling out 25 bucks to be told it's a virus or some other ailment that is only cured by time and prayers is not what I'm about right now. I feel better anyway. I think I'm also going to quit getting my nails done for the time being, that's an additional 40 bucks a month, which is about a savings of 240 buckaroos by the time it's time to get my wedding manicure. There will be other ways to save too...

Oh yeah, and Kay offered in the guestbook to buy my cats off ebay, well dear, if Molly tries to bite my face one more time you may have yourself a deal. :-) GRANTED, I may or may not have been *cough* antagonizing her (read: she hates having her toes pulled) but still. Yesterday I bent down to kiss the asshole on top of her head and she took both paws and slapped either side of my face at the same time, as if she was boxing my ears only at my temples. My reaction? To scream "QUIT BEING A DICKHEAD!" I never said I was appropriate. Anyway, I also made ben a sweater last night that actually fit, and I looked at his owie this morning and it's doing 80% better than it was.

oh and for Lori in the guestbook, they sniff EVERYTHING. Ben is the one whose most fond of plastic bags and will chew the handles and ingest some, inevitably ending in a vomit session. We try to keep most of them up and out of his reach.

In lieu of actual content today, here's a shit load of pictures at the request of my mom, who misses her grandkitties terribly.

Ben's grody owie, this is what it looked like at it's worst. That's actually a lot of matted blood you are seeing there, the actual owie is much smaller.

"oh crimony, first they shave my neck, put oozy gross shit on my neck, then they embarass me by making me wear this idiotic sweater, and now they steal my dignity by taking pictures?!"

Ben thinking to himself: "I am so going to mate with her bathrobe when she leaves..."

When Molly isn't being physically abusive to her parents, she likes to carry bottlecaps around in her mouth. Only if there isn't a camera pointed her way, if that happens then she totally never did it, doesn't know how to do it and "quit pointing that fucking camera at me or I'll box your temples."

Molly goes on the attack

Asa: "Quit staring at me, you're freaking me out."

Asa: "Bitch, you craaaazzzyyyy."

Molly decides she's had enough trash talk

Asa: "yeee-ah Beyotch! I told you ... mess with the bull, get the horns!"


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