Wednesday, April 21, 2004


Before I get into the wedding talk, I have to admit something. Bonkrood and I must be one in the same, she left a mssg in the guestbook about the dr. mario picture, wondering how I could be the player on the left. Um, in that picture I wasn't. I do beat the crap out of Aaron when we play, but that was a game he won. I much prefer being on the right side of the screen. :-)

Yesterday Aaron and I had to have a big 'wedding budget' discussion. I have been saying for weeks "I do not know how we are going to pay for this wedding." Part of it was tongue in cheek, yes. Part of it was not. Yesterday as we went over some of the more general parts of the budget I had set up, we indeed saw that a few changes were absolutely going to have to be made. I crossed a few things off the list. Namely being wine, and coffee, rental of a coffee urn, etc. I think a couple of kegs of beer for the alcohol drinkers will be fine. For those who don't indulge, there will be non-alcoholic punch and bottled water from costco. We will buy a case of champagne for the toast, but that's not that bad. I don't believe we have a ton of wine drinking friends anyway. If anything, we'll buy a couple bottles to keep near the kegs, and once those are gone, their gone.

We prioritized a few things in terms of what should be paid for first. The honeymoon and wedding dress are atop that list. We have decided to cut down the honeymoon from 10 days to 7, (at least 7 hotel staying days, we will lose a day to and from with travel.) and we probably will not be going to both france and Italy. This is ok, because you know, that's a big trip, and we are still going to Italy, we may even be going up the coast or something, I don't know. All I know is that we need to be able to afford the honeymoon. I absolutely refuse to come back with wedding debt. There is just no reason in my mind, that we need to spend 20 grand on ONE day. ONE day people. That's what I keep telling myself anyway. It adds up though once you add the honeymoon, rings etc. Right this second (before I go tweak it some more) the wedding will cost about 14 grand. I don't see this changing too much, and luckily we've spent about 3 grand already. Of course, this means between now and September we need to come up with a cool 11 grand. Heh, that should be fun.

I've been racking my brain trying to figure out more ways to cut corners, thinking of things we could do to raise money... sell shit on ebay (though I don't know what we'd sell), having a sponsored wedding (which I don't know how to go about, and almost don't even want to try,) and even thinking of things I could pick up as a side gig that are remotely lucrative. God help me, I am serioulsy considering signing up under Holly to sell Partylite candles. *sigh* I've hit rock bottom obviously. I'm so not a salesperson, but she did really good in her first few months, and that has me wondering if I could make even a grand at it.

The one major thing we decided on was that until school is out, (June 10th) we will just concentrate on saving money, and then worry about specific stuff then. *sigh* except it's ALL I can think about NOW!

oh yeah, I got some advantage for the cats because apparently the flea problem is back. It would make sense, now that it's getting warmer. Ben has also seemed to have developed a charming little sore (ok, 2 sores) on his neck. One is right under his chin on his throat, and he doesn't seem to be able to reach it when he cleans himself, and the other one is on the side of his neck, perfectly reachable. I couldn't see exactly what the problem was, so Aaron and I shaved the areas with the clippers (heh, you should have seen the look on Asa's face when he heard those things, he ran out of the room so fast and hid until they were put away) and saw that there was a bit of matted blood in the fur. I put some neosporin on the sores, and he promptly licked it off the side of his neck. Later on, I held a warm compress to the area for a while, trying to clean it up a bit. He again, licked off the neosporin and I couldn't figure out how to keep him from doing it. Until, that is I happened to find the sweater that I made Asa last year. Oh yeah, I put the sweater on, put some neosporin back on the area and he is so irritated that the sweater is on (and is too big, so when he walks he sometimes steps on it.. poor baby) he doesn't even attempt to lick the neosporin off. I feel bad about it, but I would feel worse if I wasn't ultimately helping him. I'll post a pic tomorrow. :-)

Plastic bags smell goooooooodddd

Yeah, ben's got a real rough life huh?


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