Friday, April 30, 2004


Should I be embarrassed that I not only downloaded (legally! From Napster!) but absolutely fucking love the song 'Everytime' by Britney Spears? That's the one with her attempting suicide or whatever in the video, or maybe I missed something, but it looks like she touches her head, it's bleeding and she dies. I concluded from the video that it's when her idiot boyfriend (played stupendously by that greasy jerkoff Stephen Dorff) throws some glass shit against the wall... weird video. AWESOME song. Don't judge me.

Should I also be embarrassed that I really, really want to see that new Mary Kate and Ashley movie? Aaron and I watched them on Oprah the other night, and gotta say it, I was impressed.

I am embarrassed that I fell prey to Mark Burnett's devious editing last night and sobbed as they all got to see their family members. Especially when Big Tom got a little choked up when he saw Bucky Bo. And by the way could that name be more fitting? And of course when Rupert saw Laura I bawled like a freakin baby. Thank goodness I was home alone, as Aaron was at my parents house putting Lori's bike together. I would have been mort-i-fied for him to see me reduced by that. Though I should note, the last time when they had videos of the family members and it got all emotional he made jokes about it to deflect his own throat tightening and eye tearing. (As a side note, they are all a bunch of damn idiots if they don't get rid of Boston Rob and SOON. Last night was the perfect opportunity, but it's like they are all his sheep!)

This morning I not only downloaded Everytime by Britney, But Toxic as well (shut up!) and Godspeed by the Dixie Chicks which is achingly sweet. I also downloaded Avril Lavigne's Don't Tell Me, Tammy Wynette's Stand By Your Man (and now I totally want to watch Coal Miner's Daughter), Patsy Cline's Walkin' after Midnight (just hush), Andy Williams' Hawaiian Wedding Song (should I be embarrassed to admit that it makes me cry a little bit each time I hear it?) and to keep my streed cred up to par, I also downloaded D-12's new one Get my Gun. I did think I wanted that whole album, but I listened to samples, and they aren't all as good as My Band, most are really dark and gritty.

Sorry I havent' been updating the past few days, I might mention that my mom called me yesterday and demanded to know why I haven't updated. "I don't know, just haven't felt like it." her response "YOU SUCK." aaah, so supportive. :-)

No big plans for the weekend, some bike riding, and Aaron's cousin Mike and his fiance' Sara invited us up to Marysville to hang out so we'll do that tomorrow night. Other than that, I have some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket so I might do a little shopping.

No friday five this week at all so here's some pics...

He knows he's damn cute

Don't disturb the queen

The little fucker knows he's not allowed behind there, he gets his cat hair EVERYWHERE.

No matter if I yell at him he won't budge from his little napping spot

more party pics!

She's a genie in a bottle bay-bay

Holly gets territorial over the Karaoke book

Lori and Chandra ham it up

Lori pretends to be coy

Connor's a pimp yo. I might add that I recently ran across a couple of pictures of us as kids (before he got street cred and before Corey had one drop of tattoo ink in him) and I briefly thought about posting them, but I think they'd kick my ass.


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