Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Man, I don't really know what my problem is, but I am just stressing out so much today. I need to take a chill pill and find solace in the notion that things always work out one way or another.

But it doesn't really help because I want to fix everything NOW.

Anyhoo, since someone mentioned that hits from search engines are kind of funny, I'll post some of my recent ones. I've been googled for both 'nasty cherries' and 'bible cherries' hopefully no relation to each other, 'my grandpa the outdoorsman poem', 'how to cure a stuffy nose in a kitten' and my favorite: 'bag balm colonoscopy'... yikes people, I don't even want to know what entry popped up for that search.

I dreamt last night that I was a fat Japanese man named "o-ort"... I don't remember anything else, just that. I think I also dreamt that Aaron was cheating on me because I distinctly remember saying "good morning dream cheater" when the alarm went off. wierd.

So, I started weight watchers yesterday. I decided to give it the ol' college try again, because it did work for me before and I am sitting here doing nothing other than my 'own regimen' and maybe it just ain't working. *sigh* as it's been pointed out to me before, it's possible I may not be getting enough calories to elevate my metabolism and kick start this next phase of weight loss. It's wierd to me that that is a possibility. But I seem to do ok when I transition myself from considering food as yummy to food as fuel. So we'll see. What's the worst that could happen, I actually lose weight? EGAD!

We watched that David Spade movie, Dickie Roberts something or other last night. It was actually pretty good, of course I'm biased because I love David Spade, but it was funnier than any of those Adam Sandler nightmares... except for Big Daddy... I liked that one.

Well, I'm outta here, how about some cute kitty pics?

There must've been a shift in the techtonic plates near us the other night because Ben and Asa DO NOT EVER snuggle up to each other. Add to this cuteness the fact that they were taking turns cleaning each other, it was truly adorable.

SEE! Cuteness!

" I must stretch while my brother diligently licks my head"

such sweetness


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