Thursday, March 18, 2004


I have been doing the happy dance the last few days because Satchel dick face will be gone ALL NEXT WEEK! Yahoo! The guys here are all going to a convention and while most will be returning on thurs, Satchel idiot fuck will not. YAY!!!!!!!

I am tired today. Molly was acting very wierd last night, from about midnight to 3 or so, she would not leave me alone. Laying on me, (I had a tummy ache, other wise it might not have bothered me.) meowing in my ear, purring, rubbing her face on my face, walking on my hair which pulled and FUCKING HURT. At one point when I woke up AGAIN because she was rubbing her face on mine I said "are you fucking kidding me?" When Aaron said "what?" she had already gone over to his side and was doing it to him. Seriously, she wouldn't shut the fuck up, it was as if we bought her the winning kitty lottery ticket and she was so happy and giddy and couldn't thank us enough. (fucking run on sentences man.)

I have a stiff neck as a result of the kitty hi-jinks last night, and am in no mood for anything. I did take my final today, and um... I underestimated the level of difficulty by a fucking MILE! Perhaps I should have studied? I did study a little bit, but fuck that noise man, why should I kill myself over one little test, when I've done pretty good in the class all quarter long. Logic would say it points to shoddy teaching methods if I do poorly... well, my logic would. Anyway, I didn't fail it or anything, but I am not expecting anything higher than a C. I did ask on my way out "um, what percentage is the final of the total grade?" and by the way there is no way to ask that question without sounding meek and feeble. The prof responded "25%". I blew a sigh of relief. Pathetic? I think not.

The troublemaker 'boxing'. She can pretend to speed bag like no one's business.

I like this pic of Lori and I, and I don't think I've posted it yet. If I have, oh well. YOU let a cat bug you all night and see how efficient you are.

Asa and Molly, beating the shizzle out of each other


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